View Full Version : F-50 down in Luxembourg

outback aviator
6th Nov 2002, 15:47
:( Just heard on the radio that an F-50 of Luxair has crashed in fog at Luxembourg airport.
Reports are that 16 of the 22 on board are feared dead.

7th Nov 2002, 04:58
6pm news kept up its standard of reporting , stating a 2-engine jet crashed

Hugh Jarse
7th Nov 2002, 07:05
And that "the pilot" had survived.:mad:

outback aviator
7th Nov 2002, 07:53
:confused: Pure speculation and conjecture at this early stage,
but saw a photo of the wreckage and out of the f/o's window was hanging the oxy mask.
IF he was wearing it at this late phase of approach to land,
the only reason would be some sort of smoke and fire? :confused:

8th Nov 2002, 01:31
Pure speculation I know but with the pics showing the rh propeller undamaged it would seem that rh engine might not have been operating normally during the final stages of the flight.

9th Nov 2002, 13:30
See Thread in Reporting points,looking like a double engine failure.Only 2 survivors,the Captain and 1 pax out of 22 pob
Scary stuff