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6th Nov 2002, 12:52
How about this one........
"I think the ILS is a bit out here Dave" (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=041994&WxsIERv=Qm9laW5nIDc0Ny0yNjdCKFNGKQ%3D%3D&WdsYXMg=Q2F0aGF5IFBhY2lmaWMgQWlyd2F5cw%3D%3D&QtODMg=SG9uZyBLb25nIC0gS2FpIFRhayBJbnRlcm5hdGlvbmFsIChIS0cgL yBWSEhIKSAoQ2xvc2VkKQ%3D%3D&ERDLTkt=Q2hpbmEgLSBIb25nIEtvbmc%3D&ktODMp=SnVuZSAxMywgMTk5OA%3D%3D&WNEb25u=S2VsdmluIFBvb24%3D&xsIERvdWdsY=Qi1ISUg%3D&MgTUQtODMgKE=VGhpcyBhaXJjcmFmdCB1c2VkIG5lYXJseSB0aGUgd2hvbGU gb2YgcnVud2F5IDEzIGZvciBpdHMgdGFrZSBvZmYgcm9sbC4%3D&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=NjE4NjY%3D&NEb25uZWxs=MTk5OS0wOC0wMw%3D%3D&static=yes)

6th Nov 2002, 13:04
The runway's long enough, I assure you.

6th Nov 2002, 13:14
Confirm that was V1 for wet runway!

6th Nov 2002, 13:41
"There, I told you that taxiway was long enough. Positive climb. Gear Up."

Select Zone Five
6th Nov 2002, 13:44
"OK, OK I believe you but can we please use full power next time?!"

Grim Reaper 14
6th Nov 2002, 13:44
1. My 'Jepps' makes no mention of the taxi way bearing the name Kelvin Poon. Are you sure we're in the right place?

2. As Billys cake slowly sank into the bath, the Legoland pilot decided he wasn't gonna hang around and get wet.

3. Is that Tom Hanks in that raft?

4. Nearly there! Told you I could land backwards!!

6th Nov 2002, 13:53
After a third attempt co turns to captain and says,

"And i thought Kai Tak was bad enough!"


"Glad you didn't fudge those fuel figures too much"

6th Nov 2002, 14:41
Capt. to Co: "See, that's why we started the take-off roll with the tail against the fence."

Co to Capt.: "We're at minimums Capt. but I cannot see the runway anywhere, can we go around please?"

Capt. to Co: "Jeeez, I know it's for your girlfriend's birthday but next time buy her something that fits on our W&B will you!!"

6th Nov 2002, 15:59
The United States Navy is proud to announce the first successful carrier catapult launch of the itís new COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery) aircraft, a highly modified SB-747-CC.

6th Nov 2002, 19:03
thinks "Blindfold, eh?"

"I can top that"

6th Nov 2002, 19:25

"I hate the way she floats in the flare..."

"Oh...did you say "rotate" back there?"


(clever quote line intentionally left blank)

Tonic Please
7th Nov 2002, 00:16
"200 above...."

"100 above..."


"Go Around"

"Good call!"


7th Nov 2002, 05:28
"Yes, yes. I know that's how you did it in ag. ops but..."

Anthony Carn
7th Nov 2002, 07:57
News Bulletin

Runway extension completed. Lone sunbather continues protest.