View Full Version : Will the real "Posh" please stand up

Jet Dragon
6th Nov 2002, 00:44
I was just cruising 'round the BBC Soccer website and found the following :

"Peterborough United and Victoria Beckham are squaring up for a fight over the right to use the nickname 'Posh'.
The UK Patents Office confirmed that Victoria Beckham had lodged a counter-claim to the football club's application to register the nickname, 'The Posh', which they have used since the 1920s. "

Is this woman for real???

It really gives me the sh!ts when I see talentless prats like Mrs B
behaving like this....now where's that "Fantasy Bus Crash" thread?


6th Nov 2002, 01:50
If there really IS a god, then Mr. Beckham will end up as the manager of Peterborough United when his playing days end....

6th Nov 2002, 08:35
Storm in a teacup. Like all famous people Mrs. B. has agents, lawyers, and accountants to look after her interests. That's what they appear to be doing.

Brands mean everything today, and if you took a survey worldwide, the Posh singer must be at least 100 times better known than the football club, however noble its background!

6th Nov 2002, 09:43
Mrs Victoria Beckham wishes it to be known that the proximity of this latest publicity stunt to her announcement that she's just signed a recording contract with a new company (having been dumped by Virgin) is purely coincidental. :rolleyes:

She's more likely 10,000 times better known worldwide than the minor football club. That's what makes her bullying tactics so petty. Except, of course, she's shrewd enough to know it's all more free Press/media coverage for her.

Anthony Carn
6th Nov 2002, 09:56
Until I actually SEE Posh on the TV stating that she really means this, then I'll assume that the media are blowing up an off-the-cuff remark out of all proportion.

Then again, the media don't do such things, do they. :rolleyes:

henry crun
6th Nov 2002, 19:40
I wonder what her response would have been if, when she originally adopted the name Posh, the football club had objected to her use of the word.

6th Nov 2002, 20:19
Nice point Mr Crun.

I wonder what Mrs Beckam would have done if her group had been called Queen and she was its leader. Would she be asking Mrs Windsor to give up the title Queen?

Tower Ranger
7th Nov 2002, 10:17
Strange that she hasn`t also tried any litigation against the makers of POP TARTS!!!!!!!!!

Jelly Baby Freak
7th Nov 2002, 17:14
Did the Royal Family have any objection to VB
taking the name 'Victoria'?
Surely they had an earlier claim to the family name before she had it?
And wot about Old Spice and All Spice?
And didn't the word POSH come from P&O liners,
'Port Out, Starboard Home'?
mmmm..and do we really care??:mad: