View Full Version : Radiation poisoning?

Training Risky
5th Nov 2002, 23:34
I heard an interesting rumor recently that a group of middle aged UK women are suing the US govt for damages sustained while trespassing on USAF airfields in the UK during the 80's...

Apparently some girls had broken into somewhere like Greenham Common to make a nusiance of themselves, stumbled upon a taxiway/runway and got close to an unspecified number of F111s.
1 or more of the ac apparently warmed up their radar, painted the group of trespassers for a while, then switched off without them realising what had happened!

Now that these women are ready for babies, they have all found they are infertile. They went through their life histories, put 2+2 together and sure enough; want money out of someone.

Does anyone know if this tale is remotely true, or am I just gullible?...:eek: