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secret agent 86
5th Nov 2002, 14:29
Does anyone remember this outfit...and was this the work of the Guvnor?

I am embarrassed to say that I was sucked in by this rube...but give me a break...I was unemployed and exceedingly naive!

With all this talk about Neil Robertson being a conman...I wondered if he was in involved with Chieftien.

Any comments?

5th Nov 2002, 17:48
YEARS EMPLOYED (EX: 1987 - 92)

Chieftain Aviation took on many third party activities that had been identified as potential profit centres by Transoceanic. These included contract personnel (flight deck and technical), fuel trading and price management, and information technology. The fuel trading operation was sold in 1989 to JCo Energy Inc of Texas. Personnel were supplied to a number of airlines including Air Europe, Atlanta Icelandic, Bangladesh Biman, ICAO, Paramount Airways, TEA Belgium.

During this time I served as Managing Director of Holidair Airways for six months in Calgary, Canada. The Transoceanic DC8 had been told to them on a lease-purchase basis, and due to fraud on the part of the CEO, they were unable to meet their commitments. However, strong competition, coupled with the global economic downturn, meant that the company was unable to survive.

Anyone else with any relevant info?

secret agent 86
6th Nov 2002, 13:26
Thanks for the info Danny, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else was as stupid as me.

Cup B
6th Nov 2002, 13:50
Give yourself a break. I once gave up a perfectly stable job in order to fly for.... Sabena :o