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wild turkey surprise
5th Nov 2002, 00:06
Don't know if it has been done before but....

the girl at STN with the husky voice does it for me!!

Any other opinions?

5th Nov 2002, 00:07
Irish girls do it for me .

wild turkey surprise
5th Nov 2002, 00:11
jaysus jonathang

you sound like a dog with 2 d**ks:rolleyes:

5th Nov 2002, 00:13
No just being honest :)

5th Nov 2002, 00:15
lady fo flying eastern airways egnx to egpd brightens penile radar at 0715 always:)

5th Nov 2002, 00:24
Used to work with an assistant in a Tower who was described by many as "having the sexiest voice since Geneva Volmet". Didn't have the heart to tell them she was about 13st, had a broken nose, a figure like a burst mattress and a passion for Eastern European cars.
She did have a lovely voice though...

5th Nov 2002, 00:41
There is a girl works a mobile phone shop near where I live, 40 something, not unattractive, her attention to your problem, her attention to you, just makes you melt. not classic, just good salespersonship and helpfulness, It's a joy to have a problem,

Pity, she serves my wife's network, I'm on a different one:( :eek: :confused: ;)

Anthony Carn
5th Nov 2002, 08:19
One or two of the young (sounding), female, French air traffic controllers.

However, as a colleague says of them -- "Bet her f***y smells of garlic" ! :eek:

(Standing by for a grilling for liking something French)

5th Nov 2002, 08:59
Hi Flowman

She really had the perfect face for radio then???

5th Nov 2002, 09:22
Hey, Anthony;

makes a change from anchovies, eh?????

;) :cool: :D

fatboy slim
5th Nov 2002, 09:26
There was a controller who worked DUNSFOLD RADAR when i was learning to fly out of Redhill who fuelled a summer of teenage fantasies. 1991 i think.

Notso Fantastic
5th Nov 2002, 10:05
Geneva Volmet! Now you've started it. All night struggling back from Africa, tired as a dog, the only way you could energise yourself to listen to weather broadcasts was Geneva Volmet! The most incredible sexy voice and a French accent to boot! So why do computer met voices have to sound like a male frog with a 30W sad accent? Hardly conducive to 'hey! listen to me!'

(She'll be a grandmother now)

5th Nov 2002, 10:06
Most Dutch girls have pretty deep voices. I found this v. attractive until a mate explained why: That they've all been smoking since the age of 5... :rolleyes:

5th Nov 2002, 12:03
How about the voice of the woman who does the default voicemail message on the UK Vodafone network? What bliss - Vodafone is the supplier of mobile phones for the firm I work for! A tad husky - does it for me every time!

5th Nov 2002, 13:35
A BAW First Officer who worked out of Birmingham on B737s ,and then moved to B777s at Heathrow used to do it for me. His surname was Horne if I remember correctly as well.:)

5th Nov 2002, 14:04
The woman who does the voice for Orange mobile network 'Wildfire' answer phone system. She sounds a bit like Lara Croft. It does it for me!

Also heard a lady FO on a BACE EMB145 in EDI a couple of days ago. As they were parked next to us on 17 I had to wander over to have a butchers. Very attractive too!!:D

Who has control?
5th Nov 2002, 14:13
It has to be Sally Boazeman who does the traffic reports on Radio 2. She makes traffic jams on the M25 sound positively erotic.

5th Nov 2002, 14:34
Used to be a lady with a very nice voice working Farnborough Radar. Haven't heard her for ages, though - guess she's probably moved on.

And there's a lady who sometimes announces the train platforms at Paddington station with a beautiful voice. "The next train to leave from platform 12 will be the 17:52, calling at Slough, Maidenhead, Twyford, and then back to FFF's place for the night." Ok, keep dreaming! ;)

I never want to meet these women, though - imagine the disappointment of discovering that they're actually really ugly!


5th Nov 2002, 14:49
There was this JMC female pilot I heard at Sanford once. Sounded quite young, probably the F/O of the A330. Nice sounding girl.

Talking about Sanford, there is a sexy sounding GND officer there. She was having a good flirt with one of the Air 2000 boys, trying to navigate to runway 9L. The conversation between the 2 resulted in whistles and cat sounds. Good laugh.



5th Nov 2002, 15:20
Seem to recall a particulalry horny sounding US AWACS controller last time i was out in the Mid East. It always brightened up my day even more so when we accidentally bumped into each other in a hotel on the Gulfs Fantasy Island.

The otherone i kinda like is the husky, seductive girly up at Prestwick hmmmmmmmmm..........

Tower Ranger
5th Nov 2002, 15:42
Fatboy Slim

That 1991 atco at Dunsfold could very well be the same EGSS atco previously mentioned, I worked with her for a couple of years in Scotland.

For me however I`d have to go with the young Bolton lass at EGKK (and she`s a babe too,bonus!)

6th Nov 2002, 08:49
Not so much Horny, although he does sound very nice. The most cheerful voice I have ever heard has to be the pilot (not sure if captain or fo) who has flown out of cardiff all summer with Air2000. He is even cheerful at 3in the morning and has been a delight to control.

Anthony Carn
6th Nov 2002, 09:06
Apologies, flower, but I can't resist......

......he.... has been a delight to control
And therein lies the history of relationships !

And don't you find 3in rather inadequate ? Not something I'd be cheerful about !


6th Nov 2002, 11:55
Oh dear , I have the flu apologies
3 o'clock in the morning:eek: :eek: :eek:

6th Nov 2002, 12:13
Wot about the girl who warns you to "mind the gap" on the Circle Line?

I wouldn't mind minding her gap ;)

6th Nov 2002, 14:41
The unsexiest just has to be the "girl" on Scotrail. I am only familiar with the Ayr line but ARGHHHHHHHHHH..... gees.... She made me want to jump out while it was moving.
So depressing...
"Welcome to Scotrail......." Nooooooooooo!

Wee Ali
6th Nov 2002, 16:39
Met this seriously cute Spanish bloke whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria recently..He worked in the control tower at Madrid. In spite of this his english was worryingly bad ,but ooh, that accent...aaah..Say again indeed!Either him or most of the FISO's who cover the Scottish Islands.Who cares if they look like Godzilla with a 'radio voice' like that!

Flying Lawyer
6th Nov 2002, 16:49
Years ago, a case which I was preparing involved frequent telephone conversations over several weeks with a lady at the American Embassy in London. She had a beautiful voice, was extremely charming and, as time went on, there was a little flirting. At the conclusion of the case, she very kindly invited me to a party at the embassy. All very promising, I thought. The evening arrived. She was every bit as pretty as I'd imagined. It was the other 16 stones which I found rather less attractive! (Transl. for American readers - 224 lbs.)
PS The party was good!

6th Nov 2002, 16:51
Most of my mates who have had the pleasure of speaking with "wildfire", my PA on my Orange phone find her very sexy.


9th Nov 2002, 15:52

Just in case you were wondering, and I'm guessing which of the two you mean from egnx, yes she is a babe. In fact all us 7 female fo/cpts with Eastern are and don't our pax appreciate it. (PS AND damned good pilots)

Uncle Cracker
9th Nov 2002, 16:26
Horny voice - the female voice who asks "You want any breakfast yet?" ;)

Lost Plot
9th Nov 2002, 19:29
Works the other way around too: I used to work at the same unit as a very, very attractive female ATCO. However she had one of those really horrible strong west country accents, and sounded incredibly unsexy on the RT!

I once went into the Maastricht ops room, and I was *most* impressed by the Hannover sector team. Most impressed. Don't know how they sounded on the RT though!

tony draper
9th Nov 2002, 19:34
Fenella Fielding had the sexiest voice ever, don't supposes you callow yoofs remember her.;)

9th Nov 2002, 21:13
Japanese girls speaking japanese and Russian girls speaking english do something to me...."I luve you darrrrlink"


Select Zone Five
23rd Nov 2002, 12:43
I had to travel up north (Newcastle) earlier this week and I realised why I find Donna Air quite so appealing. (Sorry, but it's true).

Newcastle has more than its fair share of fine looking ladies and the accent just does it for me in a big way. I was stood in a shop whilst the other half was in the fitting room. I was transfixed by the sales girls speaking to each other in the local dialect. :rolleyes: These particular ones were not all that to look at but the voices! Yummy! :p

23rd Nov 2002, 13:19
Can anyone else remember the French controller at Tegel (Berlin) in the late eighties/early nineties who often worked ground?

Soooooo sexy, but apparently a fifty year old Gauloise chain smoker (hence the accent).


Loop... Hole
23rd Nov 2002, 19:01
There was a lovely female voice at Birmingham ATC when I was flying at Halfpenny Green. One day I heard her trying to raise a northbound aircraft she had been working. A southbound called her back saying "Maam I've just heard EagleXXX with Manchester, he must have QSY'd without letting you know". There was a pause, then she said "Story of my life" and actually sighed! I reckon a dozen planes busted something.

24th Nov 2002, 10:19
The most off-putting and unsexiest voice award goes to the USA woman….I lived there…my god how off putting…and they love our European 'accent'. Fancy sitting in some distance hotel with only CNN to bear…words they pronounce like - 'deteels' - 'raute' - "sir you forgot your visual visors (shades)" and "you come back you all"…yes like **** I will.
There is not a more promiscuous country to my mind…where else can you go shopping in stores and walk out with guns and some tarts whom come free…really I ask you.
If you do have to go there my advice is to make Wal-Mart your first port of call buy four rolls of 3M tape (they will go quick) and DO NOT talk to any women in there before you have found them.

French women on the other hand speaking English….keep talking svp…

24th Nov 2002, 10:31
Have you ever heard Flaps40 announce a slot delay of 2 hours to the passengers. Wow that is exciting. :p
Or a diversion due to bad weather is Oslo? Hmmmmm. ;)


24th Nov 2002, 20:00
The last radio 'Dead Ringers' had an impression of Nigella Lawson
giving instructions on filling in the tax return...it was priceless.

-- Andrew

30th Nov 2002, 10:10
Just thought you'd like the gals view that there are some seriously sexy voices from AT that make the heart flutter.

There used to be ATC when I was training at Manston when it was military who used to have this wonderful voice...I used to ask for PARs just to hear him say "correcting nicely" phew! still makes my toes curl thinking about it. The other voice that (used) to do it for me was Tom at Manchester (I think as we don't hear him anymore) he often used to do FD. Lovely soft calm voice. Wonderful.

2nd Dec 2002, 02:43
jane tom dosn't ring bells here

what circa are we talking

might get that sorted for you

mainecoon rgrds:)