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4th Nov 2002, 23:03
the new anz express looks to be making up for cheap tickets by thumping pax with excess baggage charges...the new limit of 20kg is catching punters by surprise and they are having to pay $5 per kg above this limit...One smaller airport reported taking $16,000 over a 3 day period..the decrease in baggage allowance has been poorly advertised...( you have to really hunt for it when booking on line) but perhaps they want it that way....:D

5th Nov 2002, 06:16
The 20Kg limit is not new. It's been there for years. They are drawing the line early and standing by their new product.


6th Nov 2002, 01:49
about time it started. i also wish that ga operators did the same and enforced it.

and air nz is making a killing on the money front with the excess. all the better to start paying the government back:D

or the pilots:D

or maybe to buy the new A320's;)

oh well...........:p

6th Nov 2002, 08:06
How about the other shareholders?

7th Nov 2002, 07:32
Squark2000 you are wrong !!! the old limit was 25kg ... where have you been for years??

7th Nov 2002, 07:43
it's nothing new, virgin and qantas both make a packet out of charging for excess baggage i don't think it's that much of a rort, people get informed of the limits and if they go over they get charged...fair enough i reckon...the airlines are there to make money, they are businesses.

imagine if there was no baggage limit, people would be rocking up with the kitchen sink, 12 suitcases and a grand piano!

7th Nov 2002, 10:58
I guess it's either that or offload the freight which still pays full fare:)