View Full Version : CPL, IR = Asia ???

18th Mar 2001, 03:58
Hi Everyone,
This year I hope to complete my CPL + IR and a multi rating in the USA.
At some point next year I want to give up my Engineering position in the UK and follow my dream.
Does anyone have any experience of flying in Asia ?
Due to my lack of a university degree, (although I have good college engineering qualifications)I realise I would need a miracle to land a seat within a European Airline, Hence my plan of attack revolves around landing a position flying cargo in South East Asia for a few years and then upgrading to an ATPL.(I can speak Chinese if that will be of any help)
Has anyone any thoughts on this career path ?

on the glide
18th Mar 2001, 12:34

I suggest you read the Flight Int'l

Good luck Yan,


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