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3rd Nov 2002, 21:33
Hmmm.... ever figured Ryanair's route network expansion? Have just gone head to head with them on GRO. Their proposition entailed one million pounds marketing funds from Catalonian Govt and GRO airport (plus they market it as BCN North). And that's a yearly figure...

4th Nov 2002, 04:16
So much like buzz at Bergerac then; only difference being buzz don't press for such large amounts to be paid for marketing costs etc.

4th Nov 2002, 15:44
Yes Ryanair can certainly afford it but opening new routes is very much like buying second hand cars:
before you see it you check if you can afford it - then once you've test driven it, the haggling starts.
Route negotiations work on the same basis.
As far as buzz is concerned, they couldn't ask for that amount of subsidy simply because they wouldn't be able to deliver the passenger numbers that Ryanair does. (this being the only reason why FR is entitled to these subsidies)

4th Nov 2002, 16:01
...since the cheapest return fare on this route(STN-GRO), available until 31/07/03, is 23.94GBP including taxes!

4th Nov 2002, 19:00
GRO = Barcelona North !!! That's the same as calling Birmingham as London North or Manchester South. Ryanair is stretching the bounds of sensibility.

4th Nov 2002, 21:12

Girona is actually closer to Barcelona than Hahn is to Frankfurt, Skavsta and Vasteras are to Stockholm, etc, etc.

The distance from Barcelona city centre to Girona airport is 50.3 miles, so as you can see quite reasonable. With frequent train connections as well as the obvious Ryanair bus service, Barcelona is within easy reach.

Don't even think about starting the secondary airport debate...

...again as we've had it too many times already!

4th Nov 2002, 22:00

Your comment of "plus they market it as BCN North" needs some clarification.... where exactly are FR marketing Gerona as Barcelona North ?

I can find 'Barcelona-Gerona", but nowhere when the 'Gerona' is excluded and it's only sold as Barcelona (or BCN North...)

Also worth noting that on the route map on the website it's referred to exclusively as Gerona - it's also referred to as Gerona Costa Brava... whatever, if flights are sold for the price described by Newswatcher they are a good deal...

4th Nov 2002, 22:03
I know - I've done it. It doesn't matter how you do the journey - from chocks in ( GRN )to central Barcelona on a good day is 2.5 hours. Late in the day it can be double that. In mid-winter it's in the lap of the God's.

5th Nov 2002, 10:58
I saw it as Girona ( Barcelona ) in the paper yesterday.

5th Nov 2002, 19:37
Look! Who gives a toss where it is. The punters can look at any schoolboy's(person's) atlas and decide if they want to go there. They pays their money and they takes their choice.

Who ever thought of calling Luton or Stansted London???? And on a good day the train from BHX to cenral London will beat the taxi from LHR.

Ex Servant
5th Nov 2002, 20:50
If 50 miles is 'reasonable' does that make Shoreham, at about 56 miles by road, London South? I'll have to ask the guys at work. How far away can an airport be from the main town before it becomes a false trades description to say you fly to that destination? If I get a straight answer (unlikely) I'll let you know.

5th Nov 2002, 21:35
yes, and although the trains are spacious , they stop EVERYWHERE, and travel at about 40 mph . BCN >Sitges is about 10 miles, it takes 40 minutes.
Think again Ryanair , perhaps it should be STN>LLORET DE MAR :D

6th Nov 2002, 14:09
Trains to Barcelona-Sants from Girona take about 1hr 20min, about 6 stops, and cost about 5 euros.

Anti-ice, you are referring to "regional" trains, which generally do local, rather than long distance. Luckily no "regionals" on this line!