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3rd Nov 2002, 21:04
1. Questions posted on Monday – time at my discretion. Answers posted on Friday or whenever quiz complete/I feel like it.
2. 2 points for each correct answer to Lyrics questions. 1 point will be awarded for answers that contain part of the answer – ie, song correct but wrong artist. The 2nd point will be awarded to the first person to “fill in the gaps”.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.
5. During the first 24 hours from the quiz being posted
- you are allowed ONLY ONE POST (containing answers to as many questions as you like).
- Additional posts will be ignored.
- Edited posts will be disqualified.
- Complete answers will take precedence over earlier partial answers

Lyrics Questions (Note – clue is first line or lines of the song)

1. “You’ve done it all you’ve broken every code”
1. Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile) – Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Cooda

2. “Dearest darling I had to write to say I won’t be home anymore”
2. Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa – Gene Pitney - Cooda

3. “She keeps Moet and Chandon in a pretty cabinet”
3. Killer Queen – Queen - Kenny

4. “You know that it would be untrue”
4. Light My Fire - Jose Feliciano - Cooda
Giving 2 points to Kenny also following Reynolds advice

5. “Close your eyes give me your hand”
5. Eternal Flame – The Bangles – Luca Brasi

6. “In a time where the sun descends alone”
6. Fading Like a Flower - Flying Irishman– Roxette - Jet

7. “Tonight it’s very clear”
7. Glory of Love – Peter Cetera - Brite

8. “Would you dance if I asked you to dance”
8. Hero – Enrique Iglesias - Brite

9. “Looking out a dirty old window”
9. Kids In America – Kim Wilde - Brite

10. “You know baby when your in my arms”
10. You Drive Me Crazy – Shakin Stevens - Jolly

11. “Plowing these fields in the hot summer sun”
11. She Thinks My Tractors Sexy – Kenny Chesney - Reynolds

12. “The daylight’s fading slowly”
12. Breathless – The Corrs - Reynolds

13. “I hear footsteps slowly walking”
13. There Goes My Everything – Englebert Humperdinck - Brite

14. “People say I’m the life of the party”
14. Tracks of my Tears – Brite
Johnny Rivers - Pigboat

15. “Now that I’ve lost everything to you”
15. Wild World – Cat Stevens – Luca Brasi

Alm of the Week – Rocky Horror Picture Show

From the 1975 Original Rocky Horror Picture Show LP:

1. Who played Frank N Furter?
1. Tim Curry - Brite

2. What are the first 4 actions of the Time Warp? (point each)
2. It’s just a jump to the left, then a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight. - Brite

3. Who wrote the original musical play?
3. Richard O’brien - Brite

4. Who played Janet Weiss?
4. Susan Sarandon - Kenny

5. Who performs (characters) the Time Warp song? (point each)
5. Riff Raff, Magenta- Brite
Columbia, Narrator - PPRune Radar - and the Transylvannians

6. What is track 2 on side B of the album?
6. Eddie’s Teddy - Brite

7. Who played Brad Majors?
7. Barry Bostwick - Brite

8. Who performs (which character) Track 2 Side B?
8. Dr Scoll – Arm Out The Window

9. How many tracks are there on the album?
9. 16 - Brite

10. Who played Eddie?
10. Meatloaf - Brite


a. What is the real name of KC from KC and the Sunshine Band?
a. Harry Wayne Casey - Brite

b. For what group was Meatloaf once the lead singer?

c. To which actor was Rita Coolidge once married?
c. Kris Kristofferson - Brite

d. How did Yvonne Elliman first achieve international recognition?
d. She was Mary Magdalene on the original Jesus Christ Superstar recording. - close enough Brite

e. What is Cilla Black’s real name?
e. Priscilla Maria Veronica White – Pprune radar

f. Who wrote the Monkees hit “Daydream Believer”?
f. John Stewart - Brite

g. Who wrote Morning Glory and Late Lament on the Moody Blues ‘Days of Future Passed’ album?
g. Graeme Edge - Brite

For a bonus point each, where did he go to write them, and on what did he write them?
Edge wrote what eventually became Morning Glory and Late Lament. To avoid being distracted, Edge sat in a Volkswagon van and wrote it on the inside of a torn-open Players 20 cigarette packet. – Jolly (10 points!!!)

h. How many men died trying to end the Red Baron’s spree?
Bonus for title, artist, and the Red Baron’s real name.
Lots of answers here, but the song is very specific -
h. “80 men died trying to end that spree” – Snoopy and the Red Baron – The Royal Guardsmen - Baron Manfred von Richthofen - Brite

i. Who recorded “The Ballard of the Green Berets”? For a bonus, what was the B side?
Staff Sgt Barry Sadler – PPRuNe Radar – The A Team

j. What song links Badfinger, Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey?
j. ‘Without You’ - Brite

Kenny Carter
3rd Nov 2002, 21:14
morning scran

1...Come up & see me(Make me smile) - Steve ? and the cockney rebels
3...Killer Queen - Queen
4...Light my fire - The Doors

4...Susan Sarandon

a...Casey ?
d...back up singer for eric clapton? (cant find my way home, first single i think, an old blind faith song)
f...Neil Diamond

see ya


3rd Nov 2002, 21:39
5 Eternal Flame - The Bangles
15 Wild World - Cat Stevens

3rd Nov 2002, 22:05
Evenin' Scran........ 'Ello Kenny!! :)


1... Cockney Rebel - Come Up And See Me (make me smile)
3... Queen - Killer Queen
4... The Doors - Light My Fire
5... The Bangles - Eternal Flame
7... Peter Cetera - The Glory of Love
8... Enrique Inglesias - Hero
9... Kim Wilde - Kids In America
13... Engelbert Humperdinck - There Goes My Everything
14... Smokey Robinson - Tracks of My Tears

Album of the Week

1... Tim Curry
2... A jump to the left, a step to the right, put your hands on your hips, bring your knees in tight
3... Richard O Brien
4... Susan Sarandon
5... Riff Raff / Magenta
6... Eddie's Teddy
7. Barry Bostwick
8... Eddie
9... 16
10... Meatloaf


a... Harry Wayne Casey
b... Popcorn Blizzard
c... Kris Kristofferson
d... Playing Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar ... nominated for Golden Globe.
e... Priscilla White
f... John Stewart
g... Graeme Edge
h. Eighty men / Baron Von Richthofen / Snoopy vs The Red Baron by the Guardsmen
i... Sergeant Barry Sadler / Letter from Vietnam
j. Without You

3rd Nov 2002, 22:07
Dammit Kenny.....how do you do it???? :D :p

1...Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)...Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

2...24 Hours to Tulsa - Gene Pitney

3...Killer Queen -Queen

4...Light My Fire - Jose Feliciano

14...Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson

1...Tim Curry
2...Jump to the left, Step to the right, Hands on Your Knees, Pelvic Thrust
10 Meatloaf

c... James taylor
f...Neil Diamond

Jet Dragon
3rd Nov 2002, 22:08
6. Spendin' my Time - Roxette
8. Hero - Enrique Iglesias


c. Kris Kristofferson
e. Priscilla White

h. "Many men died, tryin' to end the spree"
Snoopy vs red Baron bt the Royal Guardsmen

Baron Manfred von Richtofen



3rd Nov 2002, 22:11
Lyrics 2.

Gene Pitney. 24 hrs from Tulsa

Album of the Week:

1. Tim Curry
3. Richard O'Brien
7. Barry Bostwick
10. Meatloaf


c. Kris Kristofferson
e. Priscilla White
h. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more

3rd Nov 2002, 22:16
Evenin' scran. Geez, that was fast!

3rd Nov 2002, 22:56

7. A New Found Glory - "Tonight It's Very Clear"
10. Kenny Chesney - "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"
11. The Corrs - "Breathless"

ooo err 10 & 11 should read 11 and 12 - I am SO sorry, it's this keyboard has really slippery keys, cheesey smile :) :) :) :)

Kenny Carter
3rd Nov 2002, 23:32
G'day cooda

i just start work far too early:D

Jolly Hockeysticks
4th Nov 2002, 01:42
Not much left....:(

10. You Drive Me Crazy - Shakin Stevens


4th Nov 2002, 21:29
6. Roxette - Fading Like A Flower

4th Nov 2002, 21:33
OK...original post updated and scores are:

Brite - 29 :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Cooda - 6
Luca - 4
Reynolds - 4
Kenny - 3
Jet - 1

You will undoubtably win Brite, so in future you are barred from the "General" competition - e-mail me your answers and I'll tell you how you went in comparison to the others.

Still open are:


Title for 6 - now gone - named above
10 - correct Jolly

14 - I have a different artist guys (and I think mine was the original - and if in doubt - Rule 4!!!)

Album of the week

A couple more for 5


e (FULL Name please)
g - the bonus - I'll make it 10 points if anyone can get the answers.....

Go for it!!!

4th Nov 2002, 21:57
Hi scran. Johnny Rivers had the first hit with "Tracks of My Tears" over 'ere.:)

4th Nov 2002, 22:16
Sorry scran - your "Light My Fire' answer is incorrect. Jose Felciano did a cover version of the original by the Doors, and the band wrote it (or Robby Krieger, the band's guitarist did, to be exactly right)

4th Nov 2002, 22:42
OK......once again revised the first post:

Scores now are:

Brite - 29
Cooda - 6
reynolds - 6
Kenny - 5
Luca - 4
Jolly - 2
Jet - 1
Irishman - 1

Given Kenny 2 points for his Light My Fire Answer, plus 2 points to Reynolds for pointing out my error (but don't make a habit of it -

:mad: - see Rule 4!!!)

;) ;) ;) :D

Kenny Carter
4th Nov 2002, 22:55
thanks scran:)

4th Nov 2002, 23:00
In all fairness scran, you'd better ping me a point or two for getting the wrong artist on Light My Fire ;)

Of course you could also award me handicap points for only having three minutes to do the quiz on Mondays (and without the benefit of daylight saving Kenny) :D :p

PPRuNe Radar
4th Nov 2002, 23:42
Got here late .... some of us have to work on this site you know !!!!


5. The Narrator and Columbia

8. Meatloaf (Eddie)


b. Popcorn Blizzard

e. Priscilla Marie Veronica White

i. Not sure what was wrong with Brite's one (except he was a Staff Sergeant !!!). Also recorded by Elvis Hitler.

PS ... What's a Ballard ??? Apart from a guy who finds sunken ships ?? :p

5th Nov 2002, 00:43
You forgot my point. :)

5th Nov 2002, 01:25

Just in case this is a bonus guest question - lead singer of Argent wasn't he?

Jolly Hockeysticks
5th Nov 2002, 04:12
b. Meat Loaf Soul
i. I agree it was Barry Sadler
The B side was My Little Rose


Arm out the window
5th Nov 2002, 10:09
Album of the week 8:

Dr. Scott, plus Frank, Janet, and one other who I cannot for the life of me remember...

"What a guy, makes you cry....unt I diiiid!"

Jolly Hockeysticks
5th Nov 2002, 15:43
5. Brad and Janet


g. bonus. - in a Volkswagon van and written on the inside of a torn-open Players 20 cigarette packet.


5th Nov 2002, 21:27
OK - Revised Revised Scores

Brite - 29
Jolly - 12
Cooda - 6
reynolds - 6
Kenny - 5
Luca - 4
PPRuNe Radar - 2
Jet - 1
Irishman - 1
AOTW - 1


I agree it was Barry Sadler - the reason Brite did not get the points is that she got the rank wrong (and me being Mil, I consider that a serious offence - almost docked her 20 points!!)

:( :(

Well done Jolly to pick up the bonus re Graham Edge and his writing style.

I'll wrap this quiz up.

With respect to Album 0t the Week 5 - everyone (it seems) forgot the chorus line - the Transylvannians.....

The group I was looking for with respect to Meatloaf was the Ted Nugent Band - seeing there were a few others we will drop that question,

And on the version I have - the B side of The Ballard of the Green Berets is "The A Team" - rule 4 remember.

Now, off to make 46 harder. Remember Brite, you may no longer post - if you want to play (:eek: ) e-mail me your answers and I'll tell you how you did separately.....

Till next Monday Gang!!!!!!!!

PPRuNe Radar
5th Nov 2002, 22:57

i. Who recorded “The Ballard of the Green Berets”? For a bonus, what was the B side?

Staff Sgt Barry Sandler – Pprune Radar – The A Team

It's SADLER goddamit ;) And it's PPRuNe Radar

(I'm a PPRuNe Admin and therefore a despot and a pedant, I consider those serious offences :p . Ohhhhhh Scran, I might have to give you 20 PPRuNe penalty points.)

6th Nov 2002, 00:56
Thanks scran.
Saw in the obit column of todays Globe and Mail that Lonnie Donnegan died on Saturday. He was 71.
A couple of bands that were influenced by his brand of music - skiffle - were The Detours, with Peter Townshend and Roger Daltrey, and The Quarrymen. :)

6th Nov 2002, 04:49

Picky, Picky, Picky!!!!!!

Well, PPRuNe Radar.....I might not let you play!!!!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :D ;) :p :rolleyes:

6th Nov 2002, 06:06
sssshhhh scran.

Say that to a moderator and he may not let YOU play!!

And then where would we be ???? :eek: :eek: