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Jack Davidson
3rd Nov 2002, 16:05
Have you worked on or of flown the Canberra during any of the last 50 years? If so I want to hear from you.

I'm currently collecting anecdotes etc about life with the Canberra for a possible future project.


3rd Nov 2002, 17:55
Not the first jet bomber by a long chalk. That was the Arado 234 B-2, which was first used operationally in the recce role in August '44 and as a bomber in the Ardennes in December '44.

Aradi 234 B-2 (http://www.nasm.edu/nasm/aero/aircraft/ardrar2.htm)


3rd Nov 2002, 22:11
If you do publish, please get a good editor and proofreader. In four lines you have one typo and one misspelling. I would take a book like that back for a refund.

Mike W

3rd Nov 2002, 22:25
Get a Life Skylark; your bees may be bored. Let the man write the book and then decide. Have you ever written a book on bee-keeping?

5th Nov 2002, 05:11
Brian ("Blackjack") Walker claimed to have test flown all Aussie built Canberra's when he worked for De Havilland after the War. Unfortunately, Blackjack filed his last Flight Plan and fell off his perch a few years ago.

But some of Blackjack's mates are still with us, including Bobby Gibbes, as are early staff at De Havilland Australia.

If you move fast you may catch up with some of them.

A couple of Canberras survive in air museums in Australia.

7th Nov 2002, 15:24
No Canberra, but serviced Vulcans for 8 years.