View Full Version : "Flying Memories & COLD WAR Proptransport"

Jim Reed
3rd Nov 2002, 15:03
This great Boeing flying machine from the past & born in the early days of the COLD WAR is the huge proptransport,the KC/C-97 Stratocruiser(military) & the civilian version called the 377 Stratocruiser,of which only 55 total went to only 5 AIRLINES of the day,with PANAM,NORTHWEST,UNITED,AOA & BOAC. The rest of production(888 total) went to the USAF as cargo lifters & airrefuelers & served with SAC units & Air National Guard Units in the 50's & 60's. Now 50 yrs later in this 21st Century we have only 2 of these great flying machines that have survived and that are still AIRWORTHY in the WORLD today! The BAHF from Toms Rivr NJ USA,a private,non-profit,membership organization,now ownes & operates this great Boeing example that is being made into a "Flying Museum" of COLD WAR History. See us at new site for details & pics at www.spiritoffreedom.org "Help Keep M Flying"