View Full Version : Fokker 50 for Alliance Airlines????

3rd Nov 2002, 10:46
I believe a Skywest Fokker 50 arrived in Brisbane today, is this aircraft going on-line with Alliance while Alliance send one of their Fokker 100s to Skywest?:confused:

4th Nov 2002, 04:14
It could also be over for maintenance. Skywest send a lot of their maintenance to Jetcare.

outback aviator
4th Nov 2002, 05:47
Comebychance is correct, FNH is in Bne for approx. 1 week doing a twice daily run to Rocky and return for Alliance, as their F100 does the Argyle contract for Skywest, until Skywest's own F100 arrives from Amsterdam sometime this week. :cool:

ccy sam
4th Nov 2002, 23:45
Its the same old story. Flight West always sacrificed their RPT passengers for the easy dollar charter. Treated the RPT passenger with contempt, one of the many reasons why it failed. Seems the new crowd are the same. They are also putting a Braz on the TL - BN rpt in place of the F100 on occasions, a great way the attract the business passengers!

No worries mate
6th Nov 2002, 07:51
Operating the Fokker 50 this week has hurt Alliance forever and soon they will have Virgin hot on their heels into Rocky.

8th Nov 2002, 08:56
hmmm vb into rocky from mid december, and talk now of alliance planning bne - syd flights by january...they must be mad.

Stick Pusher
8th Nov 2002, 09:54
No worries mate,

Can't see a F-50 hurting for one week. Next best a/c to a jet. pax in the west love them. Quite, more leg room than a 737 full bar and galley. Nicer than the D-8's or 120's.

Stick Pusher
8th Nov 2002, 15:02
260 kts G/S

approx 600 kg/hr At about FL190

MAx Fuel 4050 kg

Max FL250

MTOW 20.8 t

MZFW 18.6 t

OP Wt 13.7 t

LDGW 19.7 t

Pitch I think about 34in not sure, but it was better than AN's 737 econ pitch. Normally 50 seat but Skywest has one less row =46 pax ( and hot ovens). No Business class.

Airfield performance good, have to dig those ones out.


Ref + 10
9th Nov 2002, 10:38
Howdy all,

Fokker 50 is back in Perth and the F100 is back in Brisbane. I enjoyed seeing FWI while it was here and hope that the passengers weren't put out too much by the inconvenience.


30th Nov 2002, 23:55
Obviously your just another bitter and twisted ex Flight west employee ccy sam. Anything you write is against Alliance. Ive been there since day dot and i havent seen any payouts but at least im alive and i have work. Which is more than a lot of people have. How bout being a bit positive?

As for BNE - SYD havent heard that story and i really doubt it.

As for ROK well the loads are great and the prices cheap which is more than i can say for the red tails (both of them)

GLT is doing fine aswell with good loads. Dont forget the E120 is cheaper to run than a D-8

TSV has great loads aswell

Go get em Alliance