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Fris B. Fairing
3rd Nov 2002, 04:52
Does any reader have recent intimate knowledge of TC aerodrome? (I'm looking for an old aeroplane as usual).


3rd Nov 2002, 06:21
Was there a little over a week ago. Nothing apart from a cessna and a navajo both tied down were visible from out the front of the terminal/bowser area.

Not much help I guess, what have you lost?

Fris B. Fairing
3rd Nov 2002, 06:30
Thanks Ops

Back in Sept 66 an Adastra Hudson crashed in the circuit at TC. After the investigation, the wreckage was dumped on the aerodrome. A contact who photographed the wreckage is now speculating that it might still be there. I know it's a long shot after the passage of 36 years but if there are any parts remaining they could assist with the restoration of another of the breed.


3rd Nov 2002, 16:46
Ring the airport manager there.he was pretty helpful last time i was there a few months ago.cannot remember is name.
numbers are 08 89622894 or AH 0402 088 160

compressor stall
3rd Nov 2002, 19:16
And remember to Centre to call the Tennant Creek pie truck to come and meet your pax when you arrive. ;)

I am out there 2moro, will report back later this week if I see anything.

3rd Nov 2002, 20:28
Fris B Fairing

If my very vague memory is correct, the pilot was making a circling approach when he may have suffered a recurring bout of malaria that disabled him to the point of losing control.

Thought it was to the south of the field.

I know that if you peruse the old safety digests of the late 60s', there is a report in one of them.

Fris B. Fairing
3rd Nov 2002, 21:45
Thanks to all who responded. I will follow up those leads. For the history of the aeroplane in question, please refer to my website:

The Lockheed File (http://www.adastron.com/lockheed/hudson/vh-age.htm)


Fris B. Fairing
4th Nov 2002, 02:55

I spoke to the Airport Manager at TC and he confirms that nothing remains. Thanks for your assistance.