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low n' slow
2nd Nov 2002, 20:51
Hi all!

This may not be a true question but more a general request to everyone in the aviation world.

I have noted on many threads and posts that people use a rather harsh tone towards eachother. Not only on the pprune forums but also the formus on the swedish page "flygyrket" and in real life aswell.
My oppinion is that the attitude of many in our world recently has gone "sour". If someone's wrong, the reply is usually in the form of: "read the g*d d**n book for sh*t s**e!", not: if it's like this it can't be like that... Perhaps not in these exact words but somewhere close. And if they don't use swearwords, there is often an underlying negative tone to many of the posts.

I also often see crewmembers of a certain flag carrier with a bad attitude. Ofcourse, bad attitude is up to the individual to define, but I see it as someone who is NOT service minded, NOT especially sensitive to other co-workers and their needs and grumpy in general. Can our fragile industry sustain in such an environment? I hear many allready sitting behind their screens saying: "it's not because of the attitude you d*m*h*t!". Well perhaps if it is?

My request to all is: Pleasy try your best to be happy, kind and especially; understanding of other people's knowledge, and in some cases needs... I truly do believe that the industry that we all in some way are involved in would recover faster if everyone tried their best in accomplishing the above stated. It would hopefully result in a happier work environment which would in turn result in a BIG smile towards passengers. And a fake smile is somtimes better than no smile at all...

And to all of you that I see everyday at my work on ARN with smiles on your faces: Thanks, you made my day better!

PS. Please don't take this for some sad "let's all go out and smile, be happy thing and have a silly five minutes all day...". It isn't.
It's about trying to understand what other people need and acting from that, because that's what we all need right now!

Best regards/lns

3rd Nov 2002, 11:18
Low n slow Hear Hear! I feel the bitterness and resentment is not representative of the aviation industry and urge the Victor Meldrews of that company to lighten up !
It is possible to disagree and still be nice about it. Perhaps the anonymous nature of these posts encourages a lack of respect of other people's feelings.

Notso Fantastic
3rd Nov 2002, 20:04
My God, a walk through these quiet little forums don't half turn up some horrors! Pinkaroo- how could you? WHAT is this tosh about respect for other people's feelings? WHAT respect did YOU show for 2 professional pilots by trotting out this rubbish?:

<<The 083 was going to Abuja in Nigeria. The engineers believed the case to be a door fault. The aircraft returned to stand T07 and it was intended to transfer all pax to T06 but the flightcrew were too shaken so pax went to hotels.>>

Do you really believe 2 professional pilots were 'too shaken' by a lose bit of sealing strip banging on the fuselage to operate, when they couldn't because of a variety of reasons- hours, serviceability, time of day. This is really fingers down throat time! Look, you are obviously not a professional pilot, you really don't have anything of value to contribute here.

Now you low'n'slow. That really is a blithering load of rubbish as well. It's hard to have all the niceties when you are sitting at a keyboard trying to be brief because typing isn't easy. For the sake of all of us, let's be concise, and if you think it's rude or 'not being touchy-feely kind to one another, then you can save an awful lot of peoples time by keeping out. I dipped into this Forum looking for something of interest that wasn't about a daft Spice girl like the papers are full of. I wish I'd stuck with the NOTW!

low n' slow
4th Nov 2002, 17:09
Sorry then! Notso Fantastic- you took it just the wrong way! Read the post again and at the bottom line you will see that I wrote, this isn't about as you put it, "touchy feely" stuff (if this is touchy feely stuff for most of you, consider seing a therapist).It's about just being a bit more understanding. I agree with the fact that people will always have disagreements, but it can be done with a nice tone... not the one you used when you replied. That's just the problem.

But if you all want to be ar***ol*es, please be my guest but you'll just contribute making the next economic downhill even steeper... :mad:

5th Nov 2002, 12:56
Not So Fantastic , Stop attention seeking and grow up.

5th Nov 2002, 21:32
notsofantastic.....never seen anyone with such an appropriate nic... you might accuse him of many things, but surely he does have self-knowledge....



6th Nov 2002, 03:02
low 'n slow

I have noted on many threads and posts that people use a rather harsh tone towards each other.

Hey c**t Ive never bloodey used a harsh tone towards any bastard or made an unsociable @rsehole of myself ever. Just ask anyone! :D :p

6th Nov 2002, 09:43
That's very true Slash. Your choice of language these days is so much improved on how it used to be. It was just a little difficult to read a post that consisted entirely of asterisks and words that ended in -ey.


6th Nov 2002, 10:27
low n'slow

The trick is to shrug it all off, like water off a duck's back as we say. There are an awful lot of very blunt people in this industry, and necessarily so. I don't want to sit next to some wishy washy procrastinator on Radar, I'm sure any pilot would say the same about their colleagues.
So what we have here is a group of headstrong, opinionated individuals, and rightly so. Equally, though, to a man (and woman) I suspect you could tell them all to f**k off without causing any offence and get on with the next discussion, preferably over a beer.
So, f**k off, lighten up, and it's your round. Mines a pint.

flowman :)

6th Nov 2002, 10:39
The trick is to shrug it all off, like water off a duck's back as we say

Hmmmmmm, I know just the person who is past master!

Toodle pip

Celtic Frog
12th Nov 2002, 19:46
(Bet you can't figure out if that was an insult or not)
But haven't you ever noticed how brave we become when we get a bit of road rage. Someone pisses you off in a lorry, and he's 9 ft tall with muscles like swarzennegger, and a swastika tattooed to his head but he's now leaving the motorway on the slip road, so it's safe to stick your fingers up at him...something you might not wannado in the same room.
As for the same behaviour on PPRUNe...Ok..so maybe it's fun, but maybe we shouldn't let members of th epublic see airline pilots behaving this way towrds each other...or am I just a spoilsport and boring old fart ??
It's hard to be humble!!:)

12th Nov 2002, 20:57
maybe we shouldn't let members of the public see airline pilots behaving this way towrds each other...or am I just a spoilsport and boring old fart ??

You and me both then CF. It's always worried me to see professed pilots behaving like 13-year olds. Not so much in JB, which does have a caveat after all, but some posts in the serious forums leave a lot to be desired, given that it's an open site.

Of course much of the [email protected] comes from non-pilots, spotters, simmers and just plain (or plane ?) trolls. But some of it is posted by known aircrew. Don't think I'd want to fly with or behind some of them, so how do you think the lay readers feel ?

Fire at will.