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2nd Nov 2002, 19:31
Hi folks,

Rumours say that Easyjet, might be opening a new base in Madrid in mid 2003!

Do any of our orange friends online know anything? Any info?


2nd Nov 2002, 20:26
I haven't heard this. I don't think it would be the most sensible place to open easyJet's next base.

Colonel Klink
3rd Nov 2002, 06:44
I would be surprised quite frankly. Normally bases are opened at destinations with lots of frequency for obvious reasons, even Nice with about 20 arrivals a day from 5 destinations has not qualified yet, and Madrid has a lot fewer than that, even counting Go's flights there.:cool:

3rd Nov 2002, 11:49
I heard it was going to be Portugal. I asked the question on Terms and Endearment . Any info on that one then ?

3rd Nov 2002, 11:50
Hi all,

I have not heard a MAD base mentioned at all, however that means nothing in easyJet!:confused:

I do think that Paris is on the cards for sometime in the new year though:D

Cheers for now

Few Cloudy
3rd Nov 2002, 14:43
Come to think of it, there are already quite a few oranges - and olives - in Madrid...

5th Nov 2002, 08:27
Where on earth did you get that little gem from? I think you may be misinformed...

King Kee
6th Nov 2002, 20:03
No mention of MAD at all, and I can't see FAO as a base for a long time! A lot of Go destinations will now start 'joining the dots' with the rest of the network, so expect significant growth at a number of airports, but this can be done with scheduling from existing bases and slip crews, etc.

A couple of european bases in the pipeline? Lots of rumours. Lots of 'ifs' and buts. I could tell you but then I'd have to shoot you!

7th Nov 2002, 20:50
It's Alicante.

So shoot me!

King Kee
8th Nov 2002, 06:27
Alicante base.....I don't think so!

8th Nov 2002, 10:15

8th Nov 2002, 10:45
Can't see BRU getting an easyJet hub. Paris yes, maybe even AMS at somestage.:)

ecam dongso
8th Nov 2002, 13:04
easy opening rapidly a new hub in Paris will depend on getting new slots.
So watch will happen with Air lib in the next weeks.
Should Air Lib fail to convince new investors, heavy troubles are to be expected, even maybe leading to the disappearance of the company.
Easy would then benefit from the gap left wide open.

9th Nov 2002, 09:17
120 Airbus's might help as well!!!

It may need some changes to European employment criteria before a base gets opened properly outside the UK. It's still much cheaper to employ crews in the UK than in Europe, with all the extra 'red-tape' etc .

9th Nov 2002, 10:32
Shouldn't that be Orange tape ?:D

Few Cloudy
9th Nov 2002, 16:06
Not yet...