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I. M. Esperto
2nd Nov 2002, 11:42
Below is a reference to the CG-4A equiped with "Power eggs".
Can anyone help me locate details of this, i.e., photo's, drawings, etc..?

WACO CG-4A (reference)

Known as the Hadrian by the RAF, this glider was designed by the Waco
Aircraft Co. The CG-4A was a rigidly-braced. high-wing monoplane of
fabric-covered wood and steel construction. It could carry freight or 15
fully-armed troops including pilot and co-pilot. The nose was hinged for
direct loading of equipment. The normal troop entrance was port side

The CG-4A could also be fitted with two power eggs; i.e. cells each
containing a 6-cylinder engine, fuel tank and engine instruments. Originally
delivered to North Africa in packing cases for the invasion of Sicily, this
was the only glider used in any number by the USAAF. It was also used by the
RAF in the Sicily invasion and In Burma by Colonel Phil Cochranes Air
Commando in support of the Chindits.

2nd Nov 2002, 18:05
There were three versions of powered Hadrians:
XPG-1 (2 x Franklin), XPG-2 (2 x Ranger) and XPG-3 (2 x Jacobs plus JATO !). I believe these were all permanent installations, very few were built anyway and didn't see combat. Never heard of detachable 'eggs'.

I. M. Esperto
2nd Nov 2002, 20:14
Paper Tiger - Many thanks.

Do you have a link to any of these that show photo's. 3 views, etc.?