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2nd Nov 2002, 12:22
Hi All,

Would you keep working if you won the lottery?

I know 90%+ of us fly because we love flying. Some pilots are not as well off as others to any extent, yet carry on working with a smile on their face because they love the job.

I know winning the lottery or comming into a large sum of money is a big IF, but I doubt anyone here has not thought what they would do if a few mill landed in their pocket.

Me, I would carry on flying. Keep working preferably. Some would maybe like to retire early, yet more than not would buy a plane and carry on flying anyway. Or others may quit with the airlines and fly their own Water Twotter between the islands of the Seyshelles.

So, what would it be. Keep working, retire and buy a plane or give it up completely? Do any of you know of folks that have won and what they are doing now?

Just a thought


2nd Nov 2002, 12:47
Wouldn't give up trolley tarting for all the tea in China.......... :)
Ask to work 30%, instead of 50% probably.

2nd Nov 2002, 14:00
Have to agree, I wouldn't let go of my job. But maybe sometime try a new angle like self-employment ...

Speaking of which... Flaps, would you consider working for a Bermuda (or any other great, sunny place) based air-shuttle service? ;)

PS: I do assume we're not talking about a three figure 12th prize here, are we?

Anthony Carn
2nd Nov 2002, 21:23
Love my job as a pilot ? Don't get me going ! Not nice to listen to !

Would live USA west coast and New Zealand. Initially buy a mega twin-seat glider, hire an ace gliding instructor and try to become really proficient at THE best form of flying IMHO ! Then a hot single-seater as well and ENJOY :cool:
Oh and something aerobatic for the poor gliding days (preferably sixteen and blond) ! :D

2nd Nov 2002, 22:59
I won the lottery last week!

Sadly, 10 is not enough for me to invite my employers ( a large Air Traffic Services provider) to do something uncomfortable to themselves.

If I won the big one , not only would I retire, but I probably would give some of my colleagues enough dosh for them to go too.

2nd Nov 2002, 23:54
Would you keep working if you won the lottery?


:D You will work for me :D

In my "whateverplaneIwillbuy"

3rd Nov 2002, 01:19
Is the Pope Polish ???:p :D ;)

3rd Nov 2002, 02:01
Nah Id give up this working for a living bullsh!t as soon as I got the lottery spoils! Id hide it away in the Caymans then claim the unemployment dole and be a total bloodey useless unproductive lazey burden on society while watching everyone else go to work! :D

3rd Nov 2002, 02:50
I always used to maintain that I would continue to work after a big Lotto win. I believed that we all have a responsibility to return (via taxes paid) the cost of our education and the many other government-provided benefits we enjoy.

I believed that we should work to provide for our retirement, to have the ability to buy things for amusement as well as everyday needs and I was mindful that we still live in societies where we tend (to a greater or lesser degree) to evaluate our personal success by how much money we make. I believed that we had a moral obligation to put something "back in" regardless of our financial situation.

A couple of months ago, something happened which caused me to reassess my ideas ... I lost my job. For the first time, I am learning about being unemployed and I'm not enjoying it. So, I now feel that if I had a major Lotto win, I would retire from the work force and leave that opportunity there for someone who actually needed the job.

Also, as a person with a sh*t-load of money, I would still be paying taxes which would fulfil my ethical requirements and - best of all - I might be able to offer employment to others as well.

3rd Nov 2002, 06:08
I realy love good Aussie citizens like you B.D.! You end up payin the taxes the rest of us carefuly dodge! :D

Select Zone Five
3rd Nov 2002, 10:43
I quit my job already so I would buy an integrated ATPL course and then go to all these places...

Most beautiful place on Earth? (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71211)

...hire planes and enjoy life! :D If only....:rolleyes:

3rd Nov 2002, 11:41
I wouldn't give up work, but then I wouldn't attend my disciplinary hearing - few old scores to settle before I go.

3rd Nov 2002, 13:22
I think I'd take myself off to the Maldives and do this (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/277075/L/), this (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/248228/L/) or this (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/202865/L/). Hell, it's got to be better than working for a living!!!! :D ;) :D ;)

3rd Nov 2002, 23:45
Would still want to fly :)

Just feel dead secure and spend money on all my friends and family,

go on holiday all the time :)

4th Nov 2002, 05:57
no way, I'd get bored eventually!!!!! but I would take some time off to travel, play with all the new toys I'd buy, the new plane I'd buy (depending on amount of course)

The time off from work would also vary with the amount won, but I'd definitely go back to work, can't give up flying.

5th Nov 2002, 10:53
No. I'd be bored. I was bored after a month of being unemployed.

If all my friends quit their jobs, too, that would be a different matter.

However, although I wouldn't stop working, I'd definitely quit my job and do something more fun. Working full-time towards an (f)ATPL, then become a career flying instructor maybe? The low salary wouldn't bother me. I'd set up a school with some "interesting" aircraft for my students to fly, as well as the normal PA28s and C172. And the biggest bonus is that I'd get to fly these "interesting" aircraft too!