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You want it when?
2nd Nov 2002, 10:21
Quidam writes in another thread....

Govt/CPS/Courts and Lawyers have to take some of the repsonsibility for complaints about driving.

36 mph in a 30 = 60 and three points.

0020 hrs 01/01/02 a car with a knackered driver who falls asleep mounts the pavement and hits a family of four. Crippling the father, killing the 8 yr old boy and seriously injuring the mother and daughter = 125 and 4 points. The defence was well argued by the lawyer.


Go figure this...

A pal of YWIW (back in the mid 80's) did drive after drinking three or four pints. He was stopped in a random check and arrested. Oh dear - still he broke the law, understood the issue didn't fight or swear and accepted he must pay the penalty. The police didn't even detain him gave him back his car keys but said "Don't be an idiot!"

The penalty was a 550 fine and an 18mth walking tour. Ouch he won't do that again.

On the same day, a different magistrates bench sentanced another youth who was three times over the limit and had killed a small child, 200 and a 12 month ban.

The law on motoring is quite exact - it's your choice if you choose to break speed limits, road safety issues, or drink and drive. The interpratation of the offence is left to weirdos who seem to pluck punishments out of the air with no consideration to the offence.

So - Should we have stricter sentance / fine procedures with less laxity or should we we just shoot all the lawyers and start over again.


2nd Nov 2002, 21:29
All cases are different, and there is a lot of mythology about sentencing. You hear in the pub all the time about "mug an old lady and get community service". It don't happen like that.

You mention a drink driver (admittedly a youth) who has killed someone. I happen to have some figures on my desk at the moment:

In 1999 & 2000 there were 99 adults sentenced for causing death by careless driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 94 of them went to prison and the average sentence was 40 months. 5 were given suspended prison sentences.

Believe me, there is a lot of effort going into sentencing guidelines at the moment - it's not just a random process. You, and the tabloids, can always find the odd sentence that looks out of line, but there is nearly always a good reason for it.