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2nd Nov 2002, 11:00
After much pondering over which performance machine to waste my not really hard earned money on, that also would cut some sway with the ladies in the underwear removing department a ray of light has emerged and shown me the way!!!

After ordering a Porsche Boxster 3.2 Tiptronic in Silver and feeling that I had indeed made the right choice I visited a freinds garage the other day and fell in love with his E36 BMW M3 contervitble in diamond black, black interior, black hood, Schnitzer exhaust and factory fitted "short shift" gear box.

He said he was selling it and would give it me for the bargain price of 16,000. I currently have an E36 coupe anyway and love BMW's because they are made of grannite and are so relliable. Also have always aspired to have an M3 as it is the top of the 3 series range and the kind of performance still puts most other cars on the road to shame.

Oh.....also throwing in the private plate on it..........M3 CNV which BMW offered him 2000 for it for one of their brand new M3 convertibles.

So I've more or less shaken on the deal and already sold the Porsche before it's arrived and made a tidy profit on it as well to pay for the insurance on the M3.

Ladies here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually have a date tomorrow with a hot lady anyway so car may surplus to requirements - ah well...will just have to blast around the streets of Sussex flashing people to get out of my way instead.

Thanks for all you help guys anyway and please let me out at junctions.;)

Ralf Wiggum
2nd Nov 2002, 11:05
You must be a real fun guy to be around when all you can talk about is how brilliant your car is. Get A LIFE!!!

Shallow [email protected] I find the best way is to talk to them and not about me or my car.

Wiggum, this is not play school nor back of the bike shed. Calling people names and being abusive is not what this site is about. By all means disagree and ignore the tongue in cheek tone of SD's post. But not this way.
Attack the points made, not the person!

You want it when?
2nd Nov 2002, 12:17
Ignore Chief Wiggum someones stolen his coffee and jelly tots. However I must say the M3 Convertible is not a patch on a 1987 205 1.6i Convertible. Which I am selling, care to swap? Oh well enjoy your new toy.

Warren Rabbit
2nd Nov 2002, 12:27
Wiggum is right on the money for mine.

If all this kid wants is to get into the pants of the sort of women who would let him in there because of the car he drives, why not save the money on the car and just buy the women? They're available in all the Personals columns.

Either way, spare us your adolescent bragging. :rolleyes:

2nd Nov 2002, 13:31
The motor is all in your head really, if it gives YOU confidence then that's what matters. From my personal experience, the best motor I have found for chatting up the fillies is a Mercedes Sprinter diesel van! Girls don't seem to feel threatened by white van men.

By the way, do you know the difference between a porcupine and an M3? - well, with a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside!!! :D

Just an other number
2nd Nov 2002, 14:40
and, quite possibly, voce versa....

no sorry shouldn't a done that
couldn't resist


Warren Rabbit
2nd Nov 2002, 15:06
And with that remark, the case of "The Crown vs Ohjustagal" was proven.

God, aren't there any ladies out there prepared to declare themselves?

DX Wombat
2nd Nov 2002, 15:53
That depends on what you mean by "Declare yourselves" Warren. If you mean am I female then the answer is yes. If, on the other hand you wish to know if I am impressed by which car a person drives then the answer is no, it is a persons character which is important. Having said that, I feel there is a great deal of jealousy being shown in this thread. Shadow P has had the good fortune to be able to purchase something he really wants and is simply sharing his delight at being able to do so. Forget all the nonsensical reasons he gives for wanting the car - look at his post, he doesn't need a car to attract someone, he has managed that already, the car is just the icing on the cake. Have none of you ever been so excited about something that you wanted to tell everyone? Enjoy your car Shadow and forget the puerile tantrums of the jealous few.

Bally Heck
2nd Nov 2002, 16:46
I regret to inform you Shadowpurser, that you are exhibiting the classic symptoms of "Trouser Content Deficiency Syndrome".

Your money would be better spent on a device to rectify this situation or in extremis perhaps surgery. Your car will pull only the type of woman who's interest in your trouser contents pertains to your wallet.

Speaking as one who is truly blessed where it matters and who drives a very old high mileage German car, and who has to beat them off with a stick, may I commend packing the sort of equipment normally found between the hind legs of a Bull African Elephant above a Porsche or BMW.


2nd Nov 2002, 16:49
Hey Shadow....

'bout time you had some 'good luck'........ ;)

Have a great time tomorra,.... drive carefully!!! :p

To the ones who are sitting there all 'green eyed and eaten up with jealousy' that somebody down on his luck, has actually managed to start turning his life around,....... get a life!!! :(

2nd Nov 2002, 16:52
Oh look, another person who has a car as he feels it's a penis extension! To echo the sentiments of others GET A LIFE.

2nd Nov 2002, 16:58
Hey,..... he's just got one Duck..... have you?? :mad:

2nd Nov 2002, 17:49
Shadow, congrats on the new wheels mate!
As Brite says, happy to read that your fortunes have turned.
Onya! :)

remember not to post the result of it's knicker dropper capacities, we have been there...... ;)

2nd Nov 2002, 17:50
Sorry guys, Warren is spot on. A nice car is great, especially when your other half drives you home in it from the pub :) Buts that as far as it goes


Tee Hee. Couldn't resist this briteandbreezy. "Research Assistant in the field of Child Development and Human Relations" Don't work with 'The Guv' do you? Only kidding LOL

Oops, scientists have just announced that bragging about what car you drive is inversely proportional to willy size :eek:


2nd Nov 2002, 17:59
I'm reliably informed, that the pre-requistes for a serious Knicker_Dropper are...

1. A man who can make Muclear Physics sound interesting,with the sort of voice that make women think of darkened rooms and cigarette holders , yet still has a dangerous look of someone who can't be fussed with bedrooms, and the back of the sofa or the bonnet of his car will do.

In other words, a Baby Wolf in Sheep's clothing Civility, intelligence and raw animal will work every time..

As for the car you drive?

I did some serious , and I mean serious pulling in an MGB.

Cars like clothes do not maketh the man. I feel that people are getting irate, because Shadow displayed considerable vulgarity in talking about the financial aspect of his good fortune.


Make sure when you get her back, you don't lounge lizard all over her. A quick knee trembler in the foyer, followed by a Firemans lift to the altar of luuuuuurve are called for, Sensitivity and culture can wait. She already knows there's no culture, she's seen the car...:D

2nd Nov 2002, 18:12
Have you got a husband though? :D

2nd Nov 2002, 19:29

"Research Assistant in the field of Child Development and Human Relations"
Hmmmm,... some people just don't get this do they?

Whatever happened to 'intelligence'? :rolleyes: :p

Don't work with 'The Guv' do you?
No, thank heavens,.... I wouldn't touch this man with a barge pole!!! :eek:


Get your coat sweetie, looks like you've just pulled,.......

...best ask Ms solotk if it's ok first though!!! ;) :p

2nd Nov 2002, 19:53

It was a joke! Honest!! Plenty of intelligence here. Tee Hee

But if you're willing to 'pull' a man on the basis of his car .. :eek:

Or should I say "see you at the next pprune bash???????"


Happily Mrs Cargosales 2 Be has taken the knicker dropping Audi to her Mum's this weekend so I'm off up the pub in a few mins :D



"I drive a huge car - and I haven't got a willy

So what does that mean????"

You could make a fortune from appearances on dodgy chat shows?


2nd Nov 2002, 20:21
Quite right too Brite.....

MsSolo has promised dire retribution if I "Land away" as it were, so while harmless flirting is very much on the menu, anything else will result in me being separated from the family jewels....

....and I don't know a make of car that will compensate for that:D

2nd Nov 2002, 21:23

No no no no no no no,...... ladies like brite don't go out on 'the pull' EVER,.... (let alone for the car somebody drives! Yuk, that's sooooo tacky!!! :eek: )

Don't believe me? Ask anybody who was present at the last GatBash! Brite is a good girl.... :) ;)

Give me an intelligent man with an excellent sense of humour and a certain degree of sensitivity,..... as opposed to who he is, what he does, what he owns and what car he drives...... anyday!!! :)


hahahahaha...... time to hide those wabbits!!! :eek:

3rd Nov 2002, 02:32
Car shmar......
I don't mind a reasonable motor and someone who is passionate about something is better than one who couldn't get excited over any thing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard and treating yourself to a new toy. You can't take the cash with you.

However, I'd walk right past the latest Porsche or whatever to chat to a bloke with a Ducati. :D

3rd Nov 2002, 10:37
OOOOOOO!!!! Look at this lot!!!

But for those detractors out there you may care to check out the original thread where I was askin for suggestions - no one slated me then and more people more than happy to put in their ideas and share their motors with the rest of us, and believe me the car I'm getting doesn't hold a candle to some of the motors driven by some of the posters on here.

ALSO it's tounge in cheek guys!!!!!!! For god sake there's always a few people on here with a total lack of sense of humour. Those out there who know me or who "really" am know that I don't need car to get a date. The title is a bit of fun and an expression we used to use in the "trade" when I was a car salesman.

Those who know me know I've been through a tough few months recently but all my hard work building up my "outside interests" on my days off has paid off since I realised being cabin crew is never gonna make me rich. Now I find myself single - 28 - no dependents - my own place - and wedge in my pocket.... I'M GONNA HAVE IT LARGE!!!!! Wouldn't you?

SO if some of you are green with envy out there don't waste your time slagging me off, get off your arse and get out there and do something about it! No company is gonna hand you a decent living on a plate - get yourself into property and get youself into business. I used to be sick of seeing pilots in Z car park driving about in flash motors....now I got one and anyone who don't like it well.....BITE ME!!!!!!!!

Final 3 Greens
3rd Nov 2002, 10:57
My other car's an aeroplane!

Sorry, couldn't resist that one!

Enjoy the Beamer Shadow....;)

Flip Flop Flyer
3rd Nov 2002, 12:39
Nice choice of motor Shadow. Personally I'd go for the Porker. Am actually considering a used Boxster (a bit too financially challenged to get a new one) but that would mean selling the Mini Cooper, which is one seriour knickers dropper. Not that I've ever pulled anything but a McDrive burger in it though :D

There's also the option of upgrading to the Cooper S; saw an ad in the German magazine Auto Motor & Sport where this outfit promises to boost the performance to around 200 horses. Should be enough to scare myself.

4th Nov 2002, 09:07
Shadow Purser,

Stuff em mate, enjoy your new car and give 2 fingers to those who are would begrudge you a bit of pleasure.

Heard a rumour if you want to but a new mini. Buy the Mini One and have the chip put in the engine. Gives same performance of the Cooper but will save you over 1000. The chip is the only differing thing engine wise on the car.

All the best


4th Nov 2002, 09:11
I always admire the car, never look at the contents. :p

Flip Flop Flyer
4th Nov 2002, 09:29

Yeah saw that on TopGear last night too. But there's more difference between the One and the Cooper than just a chip, regardless of what Jeremy Clarkson says. Loads of standard equipment on the Cooper is extra on the One, and some of the options, such as sport suspension+, is cheaper on the Cooper than the One. The options are best bought in packages, and they vary according to the model. Hence not all options avialable to the Cooper can be had for the One, or they will be more expensive. So bringing a One up to the same specs as a Cooper will cost quite a bit. Apart from that, having bought the car in Belgium I doubt that I would have saved any Pounds Sterling :p

And I've got a badge on the back of mine saying "Cooper" not "One" :D :D :D

4th Nov 2002, 17:00
Reminds me of the saying - 'fast women and lose cars'.....

4th Nov 2002, 18:24
Public Apology

"Research Assistant in the field of Child Development and Human Relations" Don't work with 'The Guv' do you? Only kidding LOL

I understand this post addressed to briteandbreezy has caused offence and I would like to apologise unreservedly to briteandbreezy and other ppruners. It was meant as nothing more than a lighthearted joke but with hindsight it was in very poor taste. Sorry.

CS :o

DX Wombat
4th Nov 2002, 22:20
Well said Cargosales, and well done for having the courage to make it a public apology and not just a private one.

4th Nov 2002, 22:35

Awwwww, no need to apologise!!! :(

I took it in the way that you posted it,.... with humour!!! :)

Anybody that knows me..... and knows The Guv,... would know that I would never have anything to do with such a man (minger) anyway!!! ;)