View Full Version : Help PLEASE Woomera.

1st Nov 2002, 23:15
I do not use this Forum that often, and am not too familiar with the mechanics of it.

Earlier today I wanted to post to a topic that goes back to about June, and it was last used in August from memory?

Everything appeared to be okay, the thread was not locked, and it definitely added my posting to the thread okay, but it has not come back up to today's page. :confused:

Is it because the thread was too old?

Where do these threads go?

(It was the one titled something about Ansett's AOC)

2nd Nov 2002, 01:17
Looks like it is there now D.

Dave. ;)

2nd Nov 2002, 01:19
It was there but in the old Dunnunda & Godzone Forum.

When we separated out the sections we transferred current and active threads to the new sections as appropriate.
After a time the ability to start a thread in the original D & G was removed forcing people to post in the correct area.

D & G is still there with all the original posts for archival purposes.

For your and everyones elses information if you are looking for a thread that does not appear in any of the new sections, it can still be found in the old forum that now appears simply as the 'header"

Search, selecting the straight Dunnuda and Godzone Forum and you should find it.

You can post to the thread but it will not appear anywhere, email me and I will restore it to it's appropriate section.


2nd Nov 2002, 01:23
Is this reincarnation, Woomera?

Or do you simply have the ability to resurect from the dead?

Care to try your talents on Ansett, Flight West, et al?

:D :D :D

2nd Nov 2002, 03:05

No worries. :D

Thank you etc. :D

It was my fault, although at the time I didn't know what I did wrong :eek: as I did a search to find the thread and then posted to it, the search obviously must have taken me back to the OLD Forum.

I will not do it again. ;)

4th Nov 2002, 03:42
Torres me old

I'm still looking hopefully for the young lady who can do that.:D:rolleyes:

Eastwest Loco
4th Nov 2002, 08:19
I think I know the lady Woomera.

Can suck start a JT8D??

Where is she when we need her??