View Full Version : Airlines of Papua New Guinea putting pilots off.

1st Nov 2002, 22:18
I have heard that Airlines of Papua New Guinea (MBA) have started laying pilots off. They have already put off 2 expat Twin Otter Captains, and there are more to go I believe.

I guess they have been forced into doing this due to the PNG Kina doing a crash dive in the past couple of weeks.

Good luck guys.:(

2nd Nov 2002, 05:16
If they are laying off guys in PNG why not place them with their Townsville operation??
Heard from a mate the other day that one of their twotter captains took a 402 into a strip in the straits and blew both of the mains on landing!!:o Cost the company a fortune one would imagine to get the troops back to their destination.
Now I know that is not grounds for dismissal but if you are laying off experienced drivers form another part of the company why would you keep the less experienced people??:mad:

2nd Nov 2002, 05:43
Wasn't that one the one with the blown nose gear tyre just inside the first taxiway off? Heard the pilot talking to Brissie Centre the other week, and Ctr asking if it impinged on the rwy as there was other inbound IFR traffic. Was it Horn Is?


3rd Nov 2002, 02:32
From the reports I have recieved it happened at Badu Is. The story of this particular individual has reached as far as CX sim centre.:D

3rd Nov 2002, 03:24
You really cant expect to many companies to keep moving forward, in PNG the f#@king kina is currently at 36 cents Australian. If you are paid in kina flying a turbine then on the current rate you will be earning less than a twin piston charter pilot in oz. It is tragic, but what do you expect, look at the polititians in PNG, & the amount of money pouring out of the country. No one is stupid enough to invest in a failing economy. My simpathy to those put off, by MBA. I hope things can improve, for all those who still enjoy flying in tropical paradise!

You know that a country is f%*ked when the local people come up to you once a week & ask -

" when is Australia coming back to fix our current situation, & kick our politicans out!"

Its a sad situation, PNG is a country on the verge of total collapse.

Ivan Urge
4th Nov 2002, 03:27
Sad indeed for all. I remember when MBA was a Lake Buccaneer and John Jnr (RIP) tasol.

So what is John Snr or Simon up to in Townsville. I wasn't aware they had an operation there. What do they do/fly.

4th Nov 2002, 07:55

APNG have got another company in TSV called Inland Pacific. They have a DHC-6 and a couple of piston twins I think.

Rumour has it that another APNG Twin Otter Captain has departed the shores of PNG, possibly for ever, that's the 3rd one now !

:( :( :(

Pinky the pilot
5th Nov 2002, 08:16
I weep for a country that has so much potential, were it not for the clowns who 'run' it!:(

5th Nov 2002, 09:10
My understanding is that the pilots in question have been asked to take unpaid leave in the wake of APNG's withdrawal from Tabubil.

They have not been made redundant.

Chimbu chuckles
5th Nov 2002, 09:37
What happened to John Jr?


Ivan Urge
5th Nov 2002, 11:23
Chuck, John junior passed away in Cairns in October 1999 after complications arising from an illness. John is survived by his children and wife. I have fond memories of John having spent lot of time with him and his family in PNG in the 80's. May he rest in peace

What's happening in TBG? Why the withdrawal? Has the gold and copper dried up or has sooty caused enough havok again that its all starting to turn to shi* there too. Back in the eighties there was so much money in the 'Bips' and 'Mins' from their wantoks working at Ok Tedi, that we were carrying great wads of money stuffed into all the pockets of the shirts that Buchanan could provide for us. It was a cash cow then.

5th Nov 2002, 12:26
Yeah so sad to hear!!!

I wish all the best for my wantoks in PNG and APNG. I still cannot come to terms with what PNG has amounted too lately, Which obviously is not much. This aint the first time the Kina has dropped this far. Hopefully, it will recover rapidly again soon.

I feel the upmost sympathy for these guys in APNG. They are some of the most pleasent, friendly and helpfull guys in PNG, its so sad to hear that these guys have now departed. They are brilliant pilots and very valuble assets to any operator. If it was not for them, I believe APNG would not be where it is today!!

Best Wishes Guys,


7th Nov 2002, 11:23
Cant these di------ managment guys understand that if they want to ever work on OZ again they are doing themselves a disservice by sacking the good guys.
Aviation is tooo small.


7th Nov 2002, 22:36
APNG have also put off most of thier cadets as well, not to mention the above Captains. I would like to point out to APNG managment, "that people will remember". After paying 90 grand for a cadetship, then getting thrown out onto the street the minute you clock 1000 hours turbine up, is crap. Then to find out that the company employs a national F/O that should not even have a pilots licence, let alone a CPL, to replace the cadet is a joke. No offence to most of the national pilots, as the majority of them are outstanding pilots, but there are a couple within MBA who should not even be flying. It's was good to know that most of the Twin Otter Captains knew how to fly the aircraft single pilot IFR.

The 3 Twin Otter Captains that have gone, are JC, CI and JH. I also believe that NB (DHC-6) is also leaving. Two of these guys were the Tabubil Captains.

As far as certian people in APNG managment getting jobs in Oz goes, well the Kiwi will have to stay in PNG of go back to NZ !

Good luck Country, Cerbas, Plugga, Ando, Stipe, Rochie and anyone else who has been given the flick.

Just off the topic a bit, anyone know how pixie is going ? The exchange rate must also be having a negative effect on them too.

8th Nov 2002, 11:29
I bought some Oz currency today... rate is down to 33 Oz cents! The place is officially in crisis, with some predictions that it will crash thru 20 Oz cents. The Kina always goes thru a hard time between October and December, as stores import lots more stuff than usual in the runup to Christmas.

This year, other factors are also at work against the Kina. So, while the new year will probably see some improvement in its value, it will have lost so much value that any improvement in the rate will be next to meaningless.

Nero simply continues to fiddle... :eek:

11th May 2003, 19:03
When does APNG contract with Porgera start operations?


12th May 2003, 16:48
I think the APNG contract starts in September.

13th May 2003, 07:30
".....in PNG the f#@king kina is currently at 36 cents Australian."

Holy Sh!t!!!!!!!! When I left PNG in January 1985, after 23 years, the exchange rate was NGK 1.00 = AUD 1.37!!!!!!!

I can't see any real external assistance for PNG until complete economic and social collapse occurs.

Immediate and complete radical social and economic reform is required for the country to save itself - which PNG politicians will never do!