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I. M. Esperto
1st Nov 2002, 21:19
'Glacier Girl', a World War II P-38 combat plane that was recovered from a glacier in Greenland, takes off from the Middlesboro Airport in Middlesboro, Ky. on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2002. The plane, along with seven others, crash landed in Greenland during a flight from Maine to England in 1942 and was restored over a 10-year period. The plane is now housed at the Middlesboro Airport where the public can view it.

Chimbu chuckles
2nd Nov 2002, 09:08
Having seen the pictures when it was still under the ice I wonder what % of the flying aircraft is original. I think what these guys do in the warbird restoration area is fantastic...but sometimes wonder whether it might not be cheaper and quicker to get the plans and build from scratch.

Some of these 'projects' you see advertised ex Russia would seem to fall into the wishfull thinking, bottomless pockets area.

If they end up only 5% original I would think that the same result could be achieved with a new build incorporating original instruments, seats and tailwheel...bit like those wonderful new build FW190s with original, brand new tailwheels from a big batch of spares that was found somewhere.


2nd Nov 2002, 10:56
I.M.E There is another thread which was started lower down a couple of days ago on the same subject. It would be helpful if you look before you post to avoid two threads with the theme and the same pics. I will lock yours as being the later one.