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1st Nov 2002, 15:33
Been watching the Osbournes recently, now thats one crazy family!

Ozzy makes me laugh, some of his comments and one linners, the mans lost the plot...in the nicest way :D

And he's an excellent anti-drug advert.! Not so sure about the son running around in his combat gear.

Begins on terrestial tv tonight I think.

1st Nov 2002, 16:00
It's great, some of Ozzy's comments are hilarious, especially the one when Kelly's moaning about having to go to a gynaecologist!

1st Nov 2002, 17:40
The best one so far

Son and Daughter inmiddle of argument

Son: You always have to bring upthe same thing that happened six years ago, how many times do I have to say I'm sorry?

Daughter: YOU SHOT ME!!!!!

Son: And your point is?? :D :D :D

I really dont know how Ozzy would cope without Sharon, I really hope for all their sakes that she pulls through her current illness.

1st Nov 2002, 18:15
I needed subtitles to work out what Ozzy was saying :D

Anthony Carn
1st Nov 2002, 22:17
It was the f*****g first f*****g time I've f*****g seen it and f**k me they f*****g well say f**k at lot !

Even the f*****g dog went "fark fark fark", I f*****g swear !

Loved it !! :D

1st Nov 2002, 23:33
Big thumbs up from me. Been watching it for ages on MTV. Best bit so far.. Sharon showing Ozzy the latest effects for his new tour, flying car, great lights etc then at the end, millions of bubbles. Ozzy looks horrified.....

Ozzy "Whats this Sharon?"

Sharon "They are bubbles Ozzy, they look great, don't you just adore them?"

Ozzy "For f**s sake Sharon, I am Ozzy f**ing Osbourne, the prince of f**ing darkness, I am not having f**ing bubbles all over the place......"

Absolutely great.... :)

Bengt Engel
10th Nov 2002, 18:09
did you guys catch the episode where ozzy throws a log through the neighbours window......that one is a masterpiece....

10th Nov 2002, 18:53
I like the real dog fighting the fake one.

Tower Ranger
13th Nov 2002, 15:20
My favorite,

They are talking about getting the pet pyschologist in because one of the dogs wont stop crapping in the house.

Ozy " For f**k sake Sharon we don`t need a f**kin pet f**kin pyschologist , you just need to get up at 7 o`clock and open the f**kin door "

absolutely spot on Ozy!!!

Grim Reaper 14
13th Nov 2002, 16:49
butbutbutbut, itsitsits, ijustijustijustijust, ififififififif.

What the Fox going on!!!?

14th Nov 2002, 01:38
Once the initial shock of the program wore off, this is the best stuff on TV! I can't wait for the re-runs so I can catch what I missed during fits of laughter.

My favorite "near quote" from the last episode I saw.

Ozzy to his family, "I love you all to death; but you're all f***ing NUTS!"

Great Stuff! :D

I'm really curious about the 'hidden' daughter, the one who refuses to be shown or heard. "At least I heard she exists, and once in awhile you catch a glimps of someone in the backround who's face is smudged out."

Bengt Engel
14th Nov 2002, 13:33
maybe its Joan Osbourne that wrote that song "what if god was one of us"??????