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Eastwest Loco
1st Nov 2002, 12:48
I was in Melbourne last weekend with Mrs Loco and wandering back from the Queen Vic Maket passed and cut through the forecourt of 501 Franklin St - the former Ansett Fawlty Towers - after seeing an enormous 747-400 model in the window.

Lo and behold - an Ansett sell-off store. It was not open (Sunday morning) but the 2 security guards inside opened up for me when I tested the doors and allowed us in.

What a sad and magnificent treasure trove of history and memories. There are 2 huge display cases with models depicting everything from DC4 DC6 electra and their forebears, WX F27s Even a Viscount registered BAT - the one they inherited when Butler Air Transport was glommed.

Everything from AN flight attendant uniforms. Engineering shoulder flashes to sun visors and golf club covers was for sale. The sterling silver and crystal from the boardroom or possibly AN International First Class were also up for sale.

Unfortunately, even though lovely models of EWB (First Eeenie Weenie F28 into DPO and the first to return after the pilots strike) EWI (First EW 146-300 and even ANE (72S we inherited but didnt really want) were in the display cases, one had to buy he whole shebang - thousands of bucks.

Mrs Loco knows this little black duck too well after 26 years. She simply said don't get too upset and went outside while I browsed through the wreckage of a magnificent Airline. Aonce fine and tough adversary, and home to may wonderful friends.

PPruners in Melbourne - or those visiting please visit the room and pay homage to our fallen icon and think of those that love her still. If you can afford the display cases please name your price on the East West aeroplanes.

It is a sad and humbling experience and I did not leave with dry eyes.

Be well all.


1st Nov 2002, 12:59

Please refer to it correctly as the "dispute, holocaust or revolution

etc", not a strike.

I miss my dpo o/n's in the ol' pub.

Eastwest Loco
1st Nov 2002, 13:27

It was an "event" that changed all our lives, and a product of the relationship between the then CEO of Ansett and a corrupt Prime Minister.

I hear what you say, and would have changed it if I could.

Look at the pics of CZD being ripped to bits.

Our little world has gone forever.

Grab what little you can of it and hang on like there is no tomorrow mate.

I sit every day at work with a fleet of Ansett aeroplanes behind my desk as well as my treasured East West F28 (EWA) dutch built model.

I am often asked why I have defunct airlines on display and simply answer that it it a link to real airlines and real people that one is pressed to find these days.

'89 was manufactured to pit brother against brother, but the most important thing was always ones Airline.

In the real world preceding the 90s the airline was everything.

Too many external factors have now destroyed that.


Buster Hyman
1st Nov 2002, 13:44
Well, a fine summation of this whole administration fiasco!

You walked in, willing to part with your hard earned & what did they say? All or nothing! One can only wonder how much of the firesale would be completed if they would only give up the idea that someone will want to buy everything at once!

I'd buy one myself, but I can't afford the lot! Perhaps, they're hoping that no-one will afford it & they can keep it for themselves!

Eastwest Loco
2nd Nov 2002, 04:40
Yes Buster

A fire sale of hopes and dreams.

If I hit the lotto tonight, I will definitely buy the 2 display cases full of our history. Mrs Loco will kill me for it but some things have to be done if one can.

Few who have come into this industry over the last 12 to 14 years realise what the culture of Airlines was really like.

The "give it one more go and try harder" culture and fighting for every last passenger is long dead now.

Knowing the foibles and failures of individual aeroplanes, and the skill to send out a jet in zero stab trim with manual load and trim sheets.

The genuine smile from an F/A you had flown with 20 times or more.

Get thine selves into 501 Swanston and look - collect - save - treasure.

This is the only chance many will have to own a piece of our halcyon days, and remember what a proud industry it once was and those that went before.

Best to all


4th Nov 2002, 07:29

Your right on the money with your previous posts.

Walked past 501 the other day and stopped in to check out the wares on sale... Grim at best.

I must say I thought the beaut B767 model on the stand would look much better in my study, but at $800, it will just have to stay there a bit longer. The way the used aircraft market is at the moment I could probably get one of the 76's at Tulla for that soon.

Fingers crossed that someone with the cash will ensure that the magnificent cabinets to which you refered, will be preserved for all to see and appreciate for years to come. If you do end up with them in your agency in DPO, please put them near the window so we can enjoy them when we wander past on our overnights!

Ray Dar
4th Nov 2002, 07:41
Hey E.P.

I miss the o'nights in DPO as well, but I can't say the same for the cold, wet and windy mornings on the tarmac at 0545.....all without an APU to get things warm and gernerally when the GPU decided on a sleep in !

Eastwest Loco
4th Nov 2002, 07:48

Did you have a look at the 707 freighter?

What a great model that is in the original 2 bob skyrocket tail and transparent fuselage with cargo pallets inside.

I cant remember AN flying one in that era, but she is one special model.

Anyone remember?

Best all


You mus have been with AN Ray dar.

They were constantly borrowing our GPU as their 2 were even more age challenged than ours.

Good days.


Fris B. Fairing
4th Nov 2002, 07:52
Greetings All

On the subject of preserving our airline history, there are several aviation museums in this country who would be prepared to do their bit to preserve something of Ansett for posterity. For what it's worth, the museum I am proud to be associated with wrote to M&M asking for a representative selection of memorabilia. Didn't even get a reply.


4th Nov 2002, 20:28
And after Liquidator's fees and administrative overheads, I wonder what that venture will return to staff and creditors?

Negative contribution I suspect! :mad: :mad:

Eastwest Loco
4th Nov 2002, 22:05
Interestingly Torres, I also noticed SQ and NZ 747s there as well.

I wonder if they know they are even there?


4th Nov 2002, 22:20

Your right about the 707 model, she does look superb in those colours. As for its historical accuracy, I seem to remember some photos the old man took of a TNT 707 freighter in PH around the mid 80's that was working at the time for AN Air Freight. Maybe it had been scheduled at some stage for a repaint??

Oh and DPO at 0545 with a stiff NorWestly is still character building without one of those fandangled APU thingys.

Buster Hyman
5th Nov 2002, 00:24

I remember that 707 model very well. It used to sit under the stairs at Ansett Air Freight at Tulla. I used to walk around it all the time! I hope they did a good job repairing it, because it's been through a few "storms" in it's time, also had a few amateur resprays as well!! I'll check around & see if I can find out about it's history. ;)

In the last days of AN, a huge crate was delivered to the IOC which contained a 744 model in AN colours. The box was custom built and the model ran to about 6-7 feet long I think. Magnificent model, but no way in hell that it'll fit next to my 17" monitor!!!

5th Nov 2002, 08:05
If the 76 is $800 whats the asking price of the whole display box!

I'll take an extra dose of seditives before I read the answer.

Eastwest Loco
5th Nov 2002, 09:37
There are 2 display boxes in total, and I didn't ask.

I just knew the answer would only upset me more.


Buster - the 744 is there too along with a huge CRJ and a fairly impressive 762.

The 707 seemed to be in very good nick and was indeed an impressive model. I didn't see a price on it though.

The detail with the cutaway and the freight inside is excellent.


5th Nov 2002, 10:02
Couple of the boys, in Hong Kong now, liberated a few of these corporate models during the Ansett wake.

Is there a blackmarket? Beer is expensive in Hong Kong.

Kaptin M
5th Nov 2002, 10:09
On the subject of the 707, Ansett pilots were operating one out of Hong Kong in the mid to late `80`s - through Nordstress from memory, but I stand to be corrected.

Interesting reading, EWL.

It also shows the callousness and greed of the people now at the helm. The (relatively) small price they`ll receive for flogging that stuff off would not even be a drop in their ocean of revenue, and would not be missed if it were DONATED to a public museum.

Shame on them for selling off something that was a significant part of Australian aviation history!

Eastwest Loco
5th Nov 2002, 10:12
I for one would be interested to know what they want for them (Why they would sell them is a mystery to me).

My collection of AN aeoplanes is currently wholly plastic - 762 in current and aussie flag tail - 743 CRJ and SF340 in last and previous Kendell livery - Oh and 747 in the Olympic strip.

I would kill for 3 of he models in that display case in EW livery - and would also love the Viscount 700 reg BAT. Butler Air Transport being another victim as was East West.


Kaptin M

There are many decades of our history up for grabs there.

I am not afraid to say that even though Ansett wasnt the airline I was born into, that it distressed me greatly.

Pleased I went though, and saddened that I cannot protect and display the lot for everyone to remember.

A display of the magnificent history behind the terrible bastardisation of our workplace and first love.

Those that will never hear the compressor scream of a Rolls Royce Dart, not know the sound of an F28 APU roar while you are working in the rear locker or never hear the crackle of the JT8D-7s of a DC9-30 departing need to know where they came from.

The aeroplane opened up this country. Rather than pushing King Billy coke-Bottle and his mates as icons, maybe the true groundbreakers should belauded and their vessels put on public display.

Maybe the South Hedland Mothers Club could wait 6 months for their grant.


Buster Hyman
5th Nov 2002, 12:05
I've spent time in Pt Hedland! South Hedland really opened up when the K-mart went in! Fancy drinking beer in the cool of a shopping centre......LUXURY!!!:p

6th Nov 2002, 05:16
EWL, mate ...

Most of us who cut our teeth on Rootes blowers ... now have trouble hearing much anything at all .... I wonder just HOW bad one's hearing can get before the medicos have to say "enough is enough".

Eastwest Loco
6th Nov 2002, 07:52

I had lots of years on the tarmac and when you were portering checking in and despatching, the earphones were often forgotten.

Apart from a tiny touch of boeing ear on the left, my hearing is off the scale on the good side. Guess it must be genetic.

Ran like hell at the then WNY (Now BWT a in badly wasted tarmac) to beat out the one AN F27 with our 3.Rolled them together and line astern beating the AN F27 by seconds.

The roar of 8 darts was unbelievable, as was he sight of them taxiing line astern down the taxiway onto the dirt crossover runway and then peeling off one after the other onto the main, turning onto 333 down the flowerdale gully.

Fathers hearing is shot though - he was a LAME for TN at MEB but prior to that engineer in Iawakuni Japan (Hiroshima) in the BCOF. Nasty incident working inside the engine of a Mustang that was struck by lightning causing him to drive a rather large screwdiver straight up his nose ensured it was on the way out.

Jeez - maybe about now I should launch into the Monty Python "lived in shoebox in middle of road" sketch.

Roger that

Shutting up!



Buster Hyman
6th Nov 2002, 11:08
:D :D :D

Eastwest Loco
6th Nov 2002, 11:39
No Buster

A regular but rather large screwdriver.

shagged his eustacian tubes and nothing but ear problems from then on.

He is lucky though - most of his mates have died of rare cancers and he is thankfully clean.

They were in there just barely after the bomb and the surrender so the background radiation must have been atrociously high.


7th Nov 2002, 04:47
Kaptin M: Would that AN B707 out of HK be the Transcorp one, possibly with Capt. T. Otway at the helm?

Kind regards,

TheNightOwl. :confused:

7th Nov 2002, 05:19
Well, I can tell you how much they want for this collection.

Firstly, get yourself a Scotch [a double I think]

Last monday night I got a phone call [from Melbourne to me in Sydney] from a fellow aviation historian, who grew up in Tamworth, NSW and is even a bigger fan of East West than Loco. I'm a hopeless fan of Butler Air Transport and he told me of the various DC-3s in BAT livery, BAT Herons, BAT Viscount etc + all the EWA aircraft models. He said that they were in three cases and he asked how much one of the EWA models was but was told that they were only to be sold as a complete collection. He then asked how much they expected for the collection and was told "Nothing less than a $ Million". So I don't know who is going to buy it - looks like a museum but what museum would pay this for something which would have a limited appeal to the general public. I know we think it is important to keep this, but we are only a small group really.

Eastwest Loco
7th Nov 2002, 06:34
Methinks they will have them on display for a fair while longer, as those who would want them are still waiting for a great deal of their entitlements.

Just milking more and more for the Admin.

Good grief.

What are they thinking?

That must make my VH-EWA F28-4000 fibreglass solid model worth $10,000, not to mention the metal F28-1000 on stand with VDO clock in the base in base MMA colours but Fokker markings over worth even more. Then there is the solid SF340 in the blue and gold East West scheme.

Where on earth do they find these values.



7th Nov 2002, 09:17
Too shocked to reply !!!

Eastwest Loco
7th Nov 2002, 09:53
It is disgusting to even think about it.

The only value those little icons of our past hold is due to the love, blood sweat and tears and sacrifices made by our forebears who mostly moved from the military after World War 2 and built airlines from the ground up.

Sir Reg was up and slowly rising, spurred on by returning servicemen, but TAA was virtually all Vets.

They hung their caps and slouch hats on a sunrise venture, with no guarantee of a future, and made it happen.

The fruits ot their hard work, and those that came after and took the culture as a way of life are now simply something else that will keep the Administrators paid for another few weeks until the carcase is totally bled dry.

The only ones who see value in the little ladies on display at 501 Franklin St are those that fought hard and long to keep them and the ideals they stand for alive.

I am in Melbourne 27-28 NOV for some sort of presentation from Leading Hotels of the World, staying out at the Lyall in Toorak Rd - and I am going to grab a tram and visit them again - at least to say goodbye.

What really hurts is that my kids (who grew up with picture books I drew up of Alfie Bruce Charlie and Douglas - the 4 EW F28s) will not have the opportunity to introduce their kids to into the mystical worlds that makes Jet-A1 flow through our veins and carry the culture on. A four year-old yelling out at a neighbourhood barbie - "hey Dad - look - it's Alfie" as EWA cruised over the top made me feel wonderful and that we could all live that way forever. Not so.

A pox on the administrators. If they have one tiny spec of decency,they will donate the lot to a suitable museum.

They are virtually national treasures.

Sermon endeth


Fris B. Fairing
8th Nov 2002, 23:32
The ex-Ansett Cabin Crew website is urging its readers to lobby M&M to donate the model collection to the Ansett Museum at Hamilton.

Ansett Cabin Crew Website (http://groups.msn.com/ExAnsettAirlinesCabinCrew/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=408)


Kaptin M
9th Nov 2002, 00:18
Sorry for the late reply. Yes, TNO it was Transcorp, and I seem to remember that that name was involved somewhere. it was a VERY popular posting, with most of the F/O's being Captains who had taken downgrades solely to get the basing.

And back to the main subject.
It's a shame that Lady Ansett or one of the Sir Reginald's offspring don't see fit to set up - or purchase and donate to - (the models) a museum in his memory.
A quarter of a million bucks for models that would have been GIVEN to Ansett!

Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyone who is going to buy them in toto - unless it's an existing museum - as there wouldn't be sufficient interest (ie. revenue) to generate a return on their outlay. (Personally I would have thought that their value would have been about 1/10 of that quoted!)

9th Nov 2002, 00:33
Batair. A Quarter Megabucks makes good business sense. Remember, the Liquidators are employed until the last asset is sold........:(

And then comes divying up the booty. I'm sure the hat will have to be passed around the unsecured creditors and staff in order to meet the Liquidator's final bill.

Fris B. Fairing
9th Nov 2002, 01:17
Kaptin M

There's only one aviation museum in Australia that could even contemplate M&M's asking price - and HE ain't gonna pay it!


Eastwest Loco
10th Nov 2002, 06:36

I think they would actually raise more dollars it the models were sold individually.

Each single unit has a major significance to many people, but as a group the cost is far too high.

I suppose every second that goes by fills the admin coffers even further, so this is an unlikely scenario.