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Don D Cake
31st Oct 2002, 16:56
I'm off to France next month to stock up on UK tax avoiding Christmas goodies. I'm sure there must be a mark up on UK recognised brands. Anyone got any recommendations for a nice, locally grown bottled French beer, say about 5% alcohol? I don't want to buy 10 cases and find out it's merde.

31st Oct 2002, 17:05
Wrong country I'm afraid. You're best off nipping up into Belgium, where there's zillions of superb beers to choose from.

If it has to be France, 1664 (about 6% from memory) is quite nice.

31st Oct 2002, 17:06
Last time I bought beer back from France, Lots of German Beers available,

never had any complaints from anyone :)

Anthony Carn
31st Oct 2002, 18:20
Le beeyare Froggy -- NON ! :( (IMHO)

More choice in Belgium or Germany, but which beer is down to personal choice. Good excuse for a "tasting expedition" ! :D

31st Oct 2002, 18:57
You will not go wrong with the Belgium beer Leffe also very popular in France.
You have the choice between bruin (brown) and blond.... 6.5 perc.
Other wise you could try the cheaper Jupiler 5.2 perc also Belgium. It's like the Heineken. :p

France is for the wines...don't forget the champagne too.

GB will never be the same again to you. As for the German beers, well they say, if you can't beat them join them.... Forget it, never!! You have beaten them twice already…


31st Oct 2002, 20:02
Remember to say Happy Christmas to the customs man as you hand over your car keys....

31st Oct 2002, 21:15
French beer?

Ethical politician?

Honest lawyer?

Left wing intellectual?

31st Oct 2002, 21:30
French Beer!
Drink several bottles of water. Keep the empty bottles. Wait several hours. Urinate in bottles. Add methanol until desired strength is reached. Same stuff.
Buy Belgian or German. Leffe excellent. Good taste, good quality, strong stuff, reasonable price. Kriek also worth a try.

31st Oct 2002, 22:25
Check this beer guide...enjoy


M I Icarus
31st Oct 2002, 23:49

Gulden Draak (yes, Belgian): around 8%
Piraat (yup): around 10%

And for a real kicker: Kasteel (around 11%)

Being partly Belgian, I can sheriouslhy ssssjjjjjjjaaaaaayyyyy.......


1st Nov 2002, 01:15
:( Eugh.... french beer.... it's just so wrong!!! :(

1st Nov 2002, 07:16
Has to be St Omer...

Brewed in Northern France in the town of (not surprisingly) St Omer. Not a strong brew (around 5% if my memory serves me correctly) but I find it a particularly nice one. Easily available in most of the supermarkets too.

Yes, I do live in Germany and Yes we do have some of the best beers in the world :) but I still bring cases of St Omer back when I visit France.

They also do a very nice Biere de Noel (Christmas beer) at around this time of the year too.


Biggles Flies Undone
1st Nov 2002, 10:17
I can’t believe I’m sticking up for the French!!

They brew some pretty good beers in Northern France under the generic name ‘Biere de Garde’ and it’s well worth trying one or two of them – but it’s not the sort of stuff that comes in 24 packs, just buy individual bottles to sample. I prefer bitter to lager and whenever I’m over there I always grab a few bottles, plus some of the good Belgian stuff like Leffe and Hoegaarden. As far as the cheap cases go, I generally go for Stella – the St Omer is a bit cheaper but I find it rather bland.

Grim Reaper 14
1st Nov 2002, 10:44
I have to recommend two things:-
1) Hoegaarden Grand Cru
2) Don't bring too much back ;)

1st Nov 2002, 10:48
There is one French beer that'd pretty good; Kronenbourg 1664. Rest is all p*ss water.

1st Nov 2002, 11:06
De Koninck (I think that's how you spell it). Antwerp's local brew - 6%, darkish & absolutely gorgeous.

Duvel - Light, frothy, 8 or 9% (it doesn't really matter - you'll be caned after a couple anyway:)). One of the World's best beers IMHO.

Westmalle - Trappist brew, available in various industrial strengths. The Trippel is about 9% and goes down like lemonade - and then you try to stand up . . .:D:D

As for France, does anyone want to start a thread on wines?

Biggles Flies Undone
1st Nov 2002, 12:29
CR2 I dunno what your definition of p*ss water is, but I'd be surprised if this stuff fits it:


Just an other number
1st Nov 2002, 15:03
probably being totally dozy here but
how do you pronounce ch'ti
looks to me like shi tee
and you said it wasn't p water
yeah right....

1st Nov 2002, 15:50
I find any of the following quite palatable though most are stronger than 5%

Fischer in Grolsch sytle bottles (don't like their Dorelei though)
Pelforth either Brun or Blonde
La Gouldale (good ale?) comes in a champagne style bottle.

Le Pen
6th Nov 2002, 06:51
Thats it then.........

I am not french but have chosen to make France my home. :D

I would like to take exception to some of the comments made in this thread about my adopted countries beer...............

But I cant, you are all right, its sh*te! :p



6th Nov 2002, 11:15
"French beer", like "English wine" was always going to be a short-lived topic.