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31st Oct 2002, 11:23
Looking for information on Sunshine Express.
Fleet type, Routes,Bases,Chief Pilot and where to send a Resume and maybe a comment on they are like to work for.
Don't ask for much do I !!
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

31st Oct 2002, 20:19
If you believe the comments made on the Alliance Airlines Fokker post, Sunshine express could soon be winging its way to Gladstone and Rocky as the turboprop arm of Alliance

31st Oct 2002, 20:44

This link will be able to show you the current aircraft fleet as registered to Sunshine Express.
OzFlight Regional Airline Fleet Search - Sunshine Express (http://www.ozflight.com.au/rego/fleets-res.php?owner=Sunshine%20Express)

There AoC permits them to operate RPT services to/from Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Maroochydore, Maryborough and Thangool.

However I beleive it has been a long time since they have operated some of those routes. Other than operating the Brisbane-Maroochydore shuttle which I definitely know they still do, thats about all I can help you out with.

31st Oct 2002, 22:46

SEA's current fleet is one Shed (Shorts 360):D , 1 San Antonio sewer pipe( Metro 3) :p and 1 baby jungle plane (E110):cool:. Another sewer pipe will join the fleet in December.

The current routes (has of yesterday) were Brisbane to Maryborough and Hervey Bay in the Shed. Brisbane to Thangool in the sewer pipe. The Brisbane to Maroochy shuttle is operated by both the Shed and the sewer pipe. All flights are operated within the Qantas system. The Bandit is the used as a back up aircraft.

The airline currently employs 14 pilots and 4 flight attendants. The Shed and Bandit pilots are based on the Sunshine Coast and the Sewer pilots in Brisbane. Chief Pilot is Chris Thomme and you can send your CV to Sunshine Express Airlines, Terminal Building, Friendship Drive Sunshine Coast Airport, QLD 4564.

Typical roster for the Shed pilots has them starting work at MC at 1200, operate the Shed down to BN and then operate a few returns between BN, MYB and HBA and finish in HBA at 1920. The crew would overnight in HBA and start work again at 0600 the next day and once again operate a few return flights between HBA, MYB and MYB. They would then operate the midday flight back to MC and finish there. Not to hard at all. The Sewer pilots start work at 0520 in BN and operate the BN to TNG and return, they would then operate the mid-morning service to MC and return and finish in BN by 11 am. The after crew would start in BN at 1330, operate a service to MC and then back to BN followed by a return flight to TNG and finish in BN at 1930. Once again not to hard.

SEA is majority owned by Aeromil with Grant Kenny owning the rest. Aeromil are currently in partnership with SIA and have set up the SFC to provide advanced flight training for SIA in four LR45s. Aeromil is also a partner in Alliance. I can tell you nothing is confimerd about SEA and Alliance though there have been numerous rumours whih I think have been started by pilots:) , though after what's happened in the last 12 months in aviation anything is possible:D

1st Nov 2002, 01:29
Thanks all for your replies. Sounds like SEA is going places. I dare say a CV to them is a must. Lovely part of the world too.

Just interested to know how long the SIA connection has been there.

Thanks again

2nd Nov 2002, 07:15

Forgot to tell you what the min requirements are. They are;

ATPL (or ATPL subjects)
1500 TT
200-500 Multi
and prefer those endorsed on Metro, Bandit or Short's(don't find to many with Shed time).
If you don't have those endorsements still send a CV because 80% of the pilots who joined the company in the last 1-2 years didn't have time on type.