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31st Oct 2002, 10:21
Just channel-hopping last night and caught the end of the Beeb's 'Human Instinct' programme. Rather interesting discourse on the size of one's nuts relative to the faithfulness of your female, but what really intrigued me was the write up of the programme in the Torygraph's TV guide saying that one would enjoy secks 3000 times in one lifetime.

Now, assuming this to be an average, and your average male will be 'active' let's say from 16 to 80 (I'm being generous here) that works out at 46.875 times per year.........

Assuming again that in one's youth (if you get lucky) you'll be busier than in your dotage, and of course some gents are a bit fruitier than others, I've got just one thought....

Who's getting my share then?!?!?!?

31st Oct 2002, 10:38

There must be some of your share being set aside, or to hand or something

31st Oct 2002, 10:48
Ah hah! Good idea! If it's being set aside maybe I can get an EU grant for it.......:rolleyes:

spud's on the job
31st Oct 2002, 10:49
the old adage

stick a pound in a jar each time you get your end away before marriage

take a pound out the jar each time you do it after marriage

when you die the jar will contain enough money to buy the beers after your funeral

Anthony Carn
31st Oct 2002, 12:30
....one would enjoy secks 3000 times in one lifetime.

Amazing when expressed like that !

Do you ralise that, based upon my "performance" that would be twenty five hours of my lifetime having sex !!

This ignores the fact that I'm getting better at it --- I've now actually got it down to 25 seconds ! :rolleyes:

spud's on the job
31st Oct 2002, 12:44

to put it another way, lets say you manage a stroke per second
lets also guess at six inches in length (be generous)

your good lady will enjoy just over seven miles of lovin' in her lifetime :eek: :eek: :eek:

31st Oct 2002, 12:54
Ain't statistics wonderful, eh?

Whoever said maths was no fun............?

Grim Reaper 14
31st Oct 2002, 13:51
I'm assuming that the 'pound in a jar' adage is only correct if you take a pound out of the jar every time you have sex with your wife.... ;) ;)

1st Nov 2002, 17:49
I was positive he said wife!

1st Nov 2002, 18:11
*empties jar* ok so who wants to play a game of shove ha'penny ? :rolleyes: