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31st Oct 2002, 07:54
A strong rumour has Gerry adding 3 of his ex-Impulse 1900D's to his new venture Pacific Aviation. That would give him 4 1900's and 1 C208 for his newspaper runs. Seems alot jus to carry papers. Could he be planning a return to the regional market? There are a few routes in NSW that he may be able to operate the 1900's on in conjunction with Qantas.

pickle sandwich
31st Oct 2002, 10:26
Gerry's intelligence is inversely proportional to his ego.

He was the one who made classic statements like " We (Impluse) have drawn the line in the sand and the others (meaning Qantas and Ansett) would have to join him". Then several months later going cap in hand to Qantas for a bail out.

After he's brainless press releases, and self ego, the industry regarded him as a joke. On a MSN Chat line in 2000 ,his comments that he made were inaccurate, misleading and since proven that he has no business sence. Many regarded him then as they do now as an egotistical selfish self centered embarrassement to the airline industry.

I wouldn't think Gerry would be capable of moving sand to make sandcastles or crap to flush a toilet.

So Gerry, after you have stung so many people, show us again how much of a looser you really are!......

Suppliers should be warned that extending any line of credit to this "ego joke"will lead "AGAIN" in failure.

Hows the mirror Gerry, it must look really good your side.

31st Oct 2002, 11:08
For a loser he's made one HELL of a lot of money out of aviation!!!

bitter balance
31st Oct 2002, 13:23
He'll need an AOC at some stage ;)

31st Oct 2002, 20:48
Yeah good one pickle. Love him or hate him he's no loser mate. He's not the one "chatting" on the internet. He's probably flying his eurocopter under the harbour bridge or some such.

For someone with no business sence, it's amazing how he ran (and owned) a company with 20 or so aircraft, many of them brand new 717s. But of course you could do that, couldn't you?

BTW did anyone hear take an Impulse job at gunpoint?

31st Oct 2002, 22:04
Onya Jezza, seems like the guy is on of the few who can make mpney in this game. Sold the 1900's to the rat for a tenner and then bought them back for a fiver.

Anyone had a look at the 1900C's and the C208 he's running, the schmickest little numbers you ever did see, the 208's got a Garmin 530 and 430 and some other wiz bang multi function display + radar and god knows what else. I think it even makes coffee for you too.

Lets hope there's heaps more 1900's comming on line = more opportunities.

The PM
31st Oct 2002, 22:52
That would give him 4 1900's and 1 C208 for his newspaper runs. Seems alot jus to carry papers.

Don't know about that, you would be surprised (?) at how much space bulks of newspapers take up.Talking as a newsagent and CPL holder living Dubbo in Western NSW, they would take up far more room than you might think!

Our papers here come up from Sydney by truck and on a weekday this is generally a flat bed 5 tonner for each publisher (2) that start deliveries from Lithgow, deliveries on weekends a much larger truck is used (not sure the weight but it's a huge pantech and it is packed), with Mudgee and Dubbo being the towns delivered from those trucks.Delivery time to our shop is generally 4 - 5 am.

I say good luck to any operator out there who can convince News Ltd and Fairfax to have the papers delivered by aircraft, God knows we newsagents are screaming out for earlier deliveries, and the further west you go, the later they get! There IS opportunity there guys, if any operator wants contact details for the Circulation and Distribution managers of the
Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald, just get in contact with me via email and i will pass them on!

31st Oct 2002, 23:10
Bronte spot on, no one took a job at VQ at gunpoint. Everyone who joined VQ knew the working conditions. Many who joined used VQ has a stepping stone and moved on those who stayed are no flying 717s. 2-3 years ago anyone joing VQ could have had a command within 6-8 months. So although the FO pay wasn't the best they new it wasn't long before they would make more money.

Can you tell me how many other CEO's have would come out at mid-night and help load an aircraft. I can tell Gerry helped load my aircraft back in 1998 when we were called in to replace a 1900.

The PM, aircraft carrying newspapers tend to weigh out before bulking out. When we carried newspapers in the Bandit on say a SY-BNA flight we had a limit of 1200-1400kg. With this loaded in the Bandit we would only go to about 2-3 bundles high throughout the length on the cabin. The Same in the 1900D we could carry more weight but you still didn't go any higher than about 3-4 bundle spread across the whole passenger cabin.

Good luck to Gerry if he is expanding, it means more jobs for those pilots looking for work.

1st Nov 2002, 10:36
Shouldnt be too hard to get Fairfax back into bed,did they ever leave???
Surely there would be a clause in the sale that would preclude Gezza starting any RPT runs any time soon????:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

pickle sandwich
1st Nov 2002, 11:33
Good on YA "Bronte", for a fact Gerry never owned 20 aircraft, especially his 717, they were heavily in debt especially with his Singapore connections. Gerry instead of working off a business plan, was too busy massaging his ego.If he is such a good businessman he would be at the same stage he was before, but he isn't. The fact remains he still went "cap in hand" to Qantas.
And what money has he made?,,,,if you turned him upside down and gave him a good shake, money would fall out, but not his.

For the chatting on the internet, well he was on ninemsn on a chat forum, many asked him questions, his replies were an absolute joke and innaccurate. I can recall that Impulse's pilots were contracted anyway, (thats really good job security isn't it boys! I bet you never saw a super plan or holiday pay with Gerry as a pilot!)............

Well Bronte, and Wizofoz,,you are intitled to your opinion which is respected, and I am intitled to mine.

1st Nov 2002, 21:33
(sigh). Ok i'm sure we can bash the man and how shonky he is, was etc. The fact of the matter is, he is still around and doing alright for himself. You can't argue that he has landed on his feet after Impulse and is back into the fray again. Sure he ran crying to the Q after his attack on the majors failed but in doing so landed himself a fairly healthy nest egg. Also he secured the jobs for the Pilots and flight attendants for a while instead of having the whole company out on its rear. I agree that the pay and conditions were below the competition but i accepted a job there and have never regretted it. If he is going to purchase a few of the D's then good on him, I'm sure there will be 30 odd redundant 1900 drivers that will gladly raise their hands for a fly.

Waste Gate
1st Nov 2002, 23:48
Pickle says:

I can recall that Impulse's pilots were contracted anyway, (thats really good job security isn't it boys! I bet you never saw a super plan or holiday pay with Gerry as a pilot!)............

Hey Pickle,

You lose the bet. As a former lowly paid, unloved B1900D F/O, I can assure you that we received both super and holiday pay. We received virtually all the benefits that regular employees received, minus the job security. F111 makes a good point about the quick time to command, which made the F/O pay bearable.

Like all his pilots, I used the experience to move on to much bigger and better things. ;) ;)


2nd Nov 2002, 03:22
To Waste gate and all others before you that got what they wanted out of working for this slimeball. Well done and good luck to you all.

For having to put up with the insecurites that hung over the Impulse guys and gals while they were moving onwards and upwards, I rest the blame solely on the group of pilots that originaly sold out in'93 to the incredibly near sighted company restructure that spawned the pilot contracting companies.
Thanks a million !!!

Maybe if McGowan had valued his employees rather than scre w them in to the ground, he would have gained some sort of loyalty. He could have avoided forking out hundreds of thousands to QCs and baristers to fight wrongful dissmissal actions. He could have avoided losing about a dozen or so pilots in 1 go to the UK and all the others that left because they had had enough. He may have even been able to hold his own with the likes of Eastern and Kendell.

But no. he is just scum and was happy enough to watch it all go down the sh!tter.

You may have a nice house in Vaucluse, a Merc in the driveway and a chopper at the airport, but it must be cold comfort with as many enemies as you have in this industry.

My 2 cents.

P.S. Anyone who decides to go work for the truckie again at PAC aviation. Good luck.

2nd Nov 2002, 07:17
I here that Airlink at Dubbo are about to upgrade to a 1900D, could there be a link between the two?

Travelling Toolbox
4th Nov 2002, 05:34

RE: Did Fairfax et al ever leave?

Don't know, but the registrations of his aircraft (AFR and SMH) might give you a clue! ;)

These rego's use to grace certain Impulse 1900's and even a 717, but he has regained possession of them.

Again, don't have an opinion, other then it's jobs and opportunities for turbine time for anyone willing to risk it as a stepping stone.

At least with forums like this one, you can't say you were going in blind.

Good luck to all and be careful out there.

Douglas Mcdonnell
4th Nov 2002, 06:26
Pickle sandwich you sound like a bitter and twisted tosser!

4th Nov 2002, 20:37
Eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Pickle what are you on about? I never said Gerry "owned" 717s you idiot. I said

he ran (and owned) a company with 20 or so aircraft, many of them brand new 717s

I don't care if he has money or not, but for someone living in Vaucluse with many toys to play with, he aint poor. Maybe you're comparing him to Bill Gates? What are you worth? I suggest you obtain a life.

4th Nov 2002, 21:15
Hey Yowie,

Shouldnt be too hard to get Fairfax back into bed,did they ever leave???

Research his wifes geneology and you will find that he never actually got out of bed with Fairfax. :p

Douglas Mcdonnell
4th Nov 2002, 21:44
Despite the character of the man, he did save the necks of all his pilots and alot of f/As. He put most of us into a great job. You have got to give him that. Pickle sandwich get out of the circuit at bankstown!

pickle sandwich
5th Nov 2002, 11:31
Bronte your too smart for me.
Please go back and look at your Year 6 text books for punctuation errors, this may help you clarify your statements so you don't have to justify your repeated incompetencies.

Douglas McDonnell, how is Bankstown anyway, have you gone solo yet?

My view still stands about Gerry. I have not said anything behind his back that I haven't said to his face.

5th Nov 2002, 20:47
Sorry, no errors pickle boy-learn to read. So what did Gerry do when you said these nasty things to his face? Did he break down and weep like a sad little school boy? No, doubt it. I bet he fell to the floor PISSING HIMSELF LAUGHING!!! Which is what I'm doing right now. Later, loser.

pickle sandwich
6th Nov 2002, 10:37
like I said Bronte, your too smart for me.

Douglas Mcdonnell
6th Nov 2002, 21:18
"And the dummy spit of the year award goes to PICKLE SANDWITCH". Congrats pickle I have heard that Gerry will be asked to present this award. That is if you can refrain from tearing strips off him!

9th Nov 2002, 11:46
My point exactly! You cannot tell me that there was no 'influence' from the 'firm' regarding all of gezza's ops.The 'Firms' front man me thinks!;) ;)

pickle sandwich
11th Nov 2002, 11:22
Thans "Douglas Mc" for the award of the "dummy spit".
If Gerry presents the award to me can I wipe the slime off?

Again, my personal opinion, nobody has to agree with me. Thanks for the thread and the opportunity to put forward my view.