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31st Oct 2002, 01:57
Qantas has reported that it has taken delivery of the first of six 747ER a/c from Boeing in Seeatle , which will enter regular operations on Pacific services next week . Full details at

31st Oct 2002, 07:29
Boeing Delivers New 747 Jet Model to Australian Carrier Qantas,
Hands Key to John Travolta
The Associated Press

EVERETT, Wash. Oct. 31 The 747 jumbo jet predates "Saturday Night Fever" and even "Welcome Back Kotter," so it was somehow fitting that actor John Travolta, king of the career makeover, should take the key to the newest version of The Boeing Co.'s flagship, 34-year-old jet.

Boeing on Wednesday delivered its first 747-400ER, or Extended Range jet, handing the key to Travolta, a trained pilot who has been hired by Australian carrier Qantas Airways as its ambassador at large.

"You know what they say, `If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going,'" said Travolta, who was wearing a pilot's uniform and recently flew around the world in a Boeing 707 for Qantas. "You guys are my movie stars."

The jet, the first of six to be delivered to Qantas, is Boeing's first redesign of the 747 since 1993. With structural changes, an additional fuel tank and stronger fuselage and landing gear, the new jet can carry 15,000 more pounds of people or cargo and can fly about 410 nautical miles farther 7,760 miles than existing 747-400s.

Captain Gidday
2nd Nov 2002, 21:25
Now wouldn't it be nice if instead of the above, they said "You can take the same payload the same distance but arrive with 15,000 lbs more fuel in the tanks". In your dreams!

Pimp Daddy
2nd Nov 2002, 23:24
"You know what they say, `If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going,'" said Travolta

I guess JT won't be getting an invite to the handover of the first QF Airbus then.

4th Nov 2002, 16:16
exactly my thought PD