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30th Oct 2002, 21:24
If i get through stage 1, what does eastern stage 2 and sim ride involve, type of questions etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Hugh Jarse
30th Oct 2002, 22:09

You will be sent the relevant information on the Microflite so you should be able to prepare for the sim ride - which runs about an hour including briefing.

Study Jepps Terminal. If you are an IFR pilot you should have no trouble answering the questions. It is material you should know anyway :)

Following the sim you will be taken to the interview, which runs for about 45 mins, and is conducted (usually) by a Management representative and a pilot (not necessarily C+T).

Good luck!

31st Oct 2002, 00:42

When did you do stage one and what did it involve?

Any idea on number being considered?

31st Oct 2002, 01:37
my stage 1 is in a couple of weeks. I am not sure how many they require

what type of question can i expect, IF, company, AGK..etc. what questions are usually asked.

thanx in advance

Hugh Jarse
1st Nov 2002, 00:46
No stage 2's planned for November at this stage. Possibly week 2 of December.

1st Nov 2002, 01:54
G'day guys,

Just as a matter of interest, what experience would a typical candidate being called up for an interview require? Eastern's formal requirements are the usual 1000 TT, 500 Multi etc. but we all know you would be as likely to win the lottery to get in with those hours. :)

Hugh Jarse
1st Nov 2002, 03:58
Exact requirements are:
Australian ATPL or passes in all subjects;
Current CIR;
50 hours I.F. time as PIC or F/O;
500 hours PIC fixed wing; OR
250 hours PIC fixed wing and 1000 hours RPT turbine as an F/O; OR
250 hours PIC fixed wing and 500 hours PIC HELO;
A minimum of 3 months CIR validity remaining at the time of appointment.

There have been successful applicants from ALL aviation backgrounds over the last couple of years, although ex-military have been thin on the ground, perhaps due to them mostly heading directly to mainline jet-type operations.

It's general knowledge that there have been a high proportion of regional-experienced pilots among these due to their availability since 14th September 2001, which is cost-effective, considering you don't have to pay for your endorsement....

Generally, any turbine experience, as well as multi-crew time will bode well for you at interview, though neither is absolutely essential to get you there.

The average minimum seems to be around 2000+ TT but each applicant is judged on merit.

Captain Sand Dune
1st Nov 2002, 04:04
What about 5200 hours, including 4,300 hours turboprop and 1,800 multi?