View Full Version : What ever became of DH Chipmunk WB698?

30th Oct 2002, 08:17
Whatever became of DH Chipmunk WB698?

This was the first Chipmunk that I flew in and would be interested to know what became of it.

WB698 had makers number C1-0136 and DHB/F/50. It went to Australia and in 1957 became VHRVU. I understand that it later was sold overseas and went to the USA.

Can any PPRUNEr tell me what became of the machine. Does it still exist.

Thanks in advance.

30th Oct 2002, 22:03
WB698 is listed in the Air Britain publication on the Chipmunk as
C1-0146, not 136, but this aircraft ties up to DHB.f.50. C1-0136 is listed as WB688, so I assume a typo.

WB698 became VH-RVU and also carried the registrations VH-KJM and F-OCEF. It seems that this old lady is no longer with us, listed as wrecked on 25.12.74 at Darwin, Australia during Hurricane Tracey.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, however maybe the mortal remains of WB698 are stored up somewhere and one day it could re-emerge...