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30th Oct 2002, 02:08
Due to my imminent departure from Hong Kong and the closure of my ISP account "TwoDog's Territory" will probably disappear from it's current location at http://home.netvigator.com/~pashford shortly. The Kai Tak charts and photos will still be available, at least for a while, at


Thank you to the many thousands of visitors to the site over the years, and for the kind comments. I hope that you all found it interesting.

After 30+ years of air traffic control it looks like I am headed for the dole queue - not a pleasant thought but i am looking forward to a break. Good luck to you all - and thanks again for making my site a successful one.


p.s Job vacancies can be e-mailed to the address below :)

30th Oct 2002, 05:15

I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the 74's landing at the old Kai Tak especially when the occasional one of our livery showed up and I always thought that one was probably me.

Best of Luck in the Future


30th Oct 2002, 22:48
Ahhhhhh... the one airport I wish I'd done, never did, and never can.

I hope you find a new home for the site - the best record of Kai Tak I've found on the web. Good work sir, we'll even let you off on the interesting design! ;)

17th Nov 2002, 11:00
Hi Paul,
I've been a visitor to your site for many many years.
If you are able, please try to keep the photos on the 'net.
They are priceless.
Good Luck for the future.
(ps, did you sell your house ;) )