View Full Version : Those birth control patches....

28th Oct 2002, 21:27
We were watching commercials last night about a new skin patch that women put on their tummies to keep from getting preggers.

I wondered how it worked, and my wife suggested maybe the man just aims at it.

Is this funny at all?

28th Oct 2002, 22:03
Not funny at all. I hear the Depo Prevera 3 month shot is better though.

Jet Dragon
29th Oct 2002, 02:52
You probably affix it over the ladies "intimate area" to form a barrier to entry!!;)

29th Oct 2002, 03:50
do they help you quit more easily than willpower alone?:D

29th Oct 2002, 08:46
Saw a woman with light coloured hair wearing a patch over her mouth today! :rolleyes:

29th Oct 2002, 22:41
Mrs Sprocket demonstrating at a family planning convention on how to turn down hubby (after a somewhat bold approach) when he is not exactly in favour!

TheSprockets (http://members.optusnet.com.au/~thesme/mypic11.jpg)

Caption should read . A demo in the subtle art of refusal. A bold advance needs to be fended off in a delicate manner so as not to hurt your partners feelings. :)