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28th Oct 2002, 21:15
Woke up this morning to discover someone had drilled into the passenger door of my car...

Thankfully I'd removed the stereo but the thieves decided the first-aid kit I'd hidden under the passenger seat was obviously worth something!

And mine wasn't the only car on our street broken into...yes worse things happen at sea & I'll get it fixed but it's still a pain and I feel like moaning about it! (I can think of much nicer things to make me moan!)


28th Oct 2002, 21:42
Welcome to the fastest growing club in the UK.

Late August, got the wheels nicked off mine.
9 days later, the other half gets his car stolen.
Two weeks ago we're told we've got a thieving postman who's taken God knows what.

But I'm bound to be picked for jury service again before too long so I'll get my revenge.

28th Oct 2002, 21:45
Don't it make you want to rib the thieving ******** lungs out. :mad: What would happen then? I'd get 6 months for assault and the thieving ******* would get a 50 fine. :mad: :mad:


28th Oct 2002, 22:31
Thats terrible,

Had following stollen,

3 car CD players
1 x set gold clubs
3 Bikes (700)
(One of them stole it right off me when my back was turned, chased him for a mile, but he won :(

I hope I get the ......... one day :) :mad:

28th Oct 2002, 22:36
I've always wished that I could wire my car to the mains so that the scumbags who interfere with it would fry but Mrs Wub is concerned that we would be scraping dead cats off the bonnet every morning.

Every car I've ever had has been damaged in some way by thieving scum:

Morris Marina - radio nicked

Ford Cortina Estate - Car mats nicked, nothing else, just the mats :confused:

Rover Mondeo - rear quarterlight smashed

Citroen AX GT - Door bust open and radio nicked

Same as above - All the wheels taken and car left sitting on its belly

Citroen Saxo VTS - rear window shot out - no kidding, a bullet put through it while parked

On every occasion the local plods claim to have moved heaven and earth to find the perps but have never even got back to me.

I hate thieving scum :mad: :mad: :mad:

28th Oct 2002, 22:46
Last time I was in the UK the spring loaded metal punch, used by engineers, was all the rage. Pressed up against a front or rear windscreen it fired itself and shattered the screen leaving a hole much like a small calibre bullet.

29th Oct 2002, 04:33
Ah, man.

You don't f*** with another man's motor. It's just that simple...

I addressed this problem by:
1. Moving to the Netherlands, where the petty undesirables have a lot better to do than vandalising cars.
2. Driving a Rover 620. Even pensioners give it sympathetic smiles... :rolleyes:

29th Oct 2002, 06:14
Evry car I've ever had has been nicked at least once. I had a 2 door Astra 1,8i, and that was nicked 3 times! Police can't do a thing. I only contact them to get a crime number for the insurance.

I had a titanice battle last time the Astra was nicked because the insurance company wanted to scrap it and give me 250! There was nothing wrong, it had only been nicked. They never came to look at it.

The most damage was done by the police with their fingerprint stuff.

Time to legislate to make all maufacturers beef up the security. That way they have a level playing field if the ALL have to do it.

It's now why I pay 250 a year for 3rd party insurance on a 10 year old 1600 4 door Cavalier, and I don't live anywhere near a big city.

Set the Russian Special Forces on them, I say.

Anthony Carn
29th Oct 2002, 10:19
They should sell that Russian gas in Halfords -- we could wire it up to the alarm ! :D

29th Oct 2002, 11:28
Well, I've spoken to the insurance company & I'm covered, and I've spoken to the garage who think that the damage isn't that bad & can be fixed easily so hopefully it'll be OK.

From the responses it seems I've gotten off lightly as regards damage and stuff being taken.

Wub, your idea sounds great :)

Thanks to all for the replies though...and remember as it's coming close to Christmas the thieving so & so's will be out doing their shopping for car stereos & various household & personal items so be vigilant!

Tower Ranger
29th Oct 2002, 11:29
Aparta from the usual smashed window stereo gone crap the most unusual one i`ve had was when they drilled the lock used the interior boot release and unbolted and removed the boot lid one Christmas.
No other damage, left the stereo etc but the replacement was the guts of 1000 and try getting one in the Crimbo hols.

Anthony Carn
29th Oct 2002, 11:32
Boot lid, TR ????? :eek:

Probably flogged off at a car boot sale somewhere. :rolleyes:

29th Oct 2002, 11:43
Unfortunately your problem is the age of the cars you drove. You need a more modern car which are harder to steal.
This was brought home to me one night when I heard a noise outside. Looking out the windown I saw two individuals breaking into an old model Nissan Micra across the road. After a futile attempt to break the steering lock which succeeded in breaking ofl the steering wheel. They moved on, briefly considering one recent model car and completely ignoring my car a '99 Fiat (insulting that). They moved down the road ignring the newer cars and found an Astra which took them about 30 seconds to open. In the end they failed to get that going either. It was obvious that they were only trying older less secure cars and it was breathtaking at how quickly they got into them. Older cars are simply more vulnerable. New cars with key codes and all sorts of gadgets are simply too difficult to steal.

You might well ask what I was doing while watching all this. Well I called the police who never appeared and I opened the window and shouted at them but they seemed to be drunk as I got no reaction from them at all. I didn't go out and and tackle them because well..............would you without a gun or something?

The latest security measures in cars won't stop people breaking in but at least they have trouble stealing them.

Another thing I wish my insutance was only 250. I pay over 400.

29th Oct 2002, 20:16
I used to have a Peugot 1.9GTi and the insurance for that was just over 1000 :eek: Some [email protected] come along one night and jemmied the metal spare wheel holder, snapping it off and nicking the spare wheel. That cost a few quid to sort out. High powered car you see and a common target for the bastards who can't afford one. Replaced the passenger side door lock twice too. It was forever getting the GTi badge taken off the side and mine wasn't the only one. Some of them i seen driving around town had the same things missing too. Must have been kids using them as the latest fashion accessory thing. Just after that i bought a Mondeo, had no problems at all with that, plain old boring car you see, not fast or flash and got ignored. Got the brand new one now with all the latest gizmos to prevent it being nicked but as someone else says they can still get in to it but not drive it away.

Crepello You being in the netherlands reminds me of that speed camera picture of the 12 lads arses mooning. (one of them used a metal bin and swung it around on a bit of rope to activate the camera whilst his mates mooned.) :D

29th Oct 2002, 21:15
BRL - I'm paying over 1000 insurance for my 1.2l Fiat!!:eek:

Full licence but male & under 30.... :mad:

29th Oct 2002, 22:06
Interesting stats.... Over the past 25 years I have lived and worked in 4 different continents and the ONLY country in which I have been the victim of any car crime is the UK. So the question is why??

BTW, my 5 yr old Nissan is insured fully comp for 100 pounds at current exchange rate....

29th Oct 2002, 22:18
It's a bit off topic I know, but...

A magistrate friend of mine keeps his two cars on the drive of his rural home. He woke up one morning to find that although the cars were safe, someone had nicked his brand new five-barred hardwood front gate.

You want it when?
29th Oct 2002, 23:12
Not lost my gate yet! PAying around 550 per car for insurance at the moment. Only ever had a crap cars broken into - I follow the rule that you leave nothing in sight and you don't get grief. Over the yeatrs I've had some flashy cars and no bother at all. Maybe it was good luck!