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27th Oct 2002, 23:16
Here you go gang. Can Brite do it again? Will Kenny be the first to post? Is Pigboat back from his walk yet? Is Dkosky awake?

Have fun!!!!!!


1. Questions posted on Monday – time at my discretion. Answers posted on Friday or whenever quiz complete/I feel like it.
2. 2 points for each correct answer to Lyrics questions. 1 point will be awarded for answers that contain part of the answer – ie, song correct but wrong artist. The 2nd point will be awarded to the first person to “fill in the gaps”.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.
5. During the first 24 hours from the quiz being posted
- you are allowed ONLY ONE POST (containing answers to as many questions as you like).
- Additional posts will be ignored.
- Edited posts will be disqualified.
- Complete answers will take precedence over earlier partial answers
6. After the first 24 hours there is no restriction on posts (usual free for all rules). Do not edit your posts. If you want to add or correct something post a new reply. The points go to the first person to get the correct answer. "First" is taken as the posting time. If you edit a post, the editing time will be used.

Lyrics Questions (Note – clue is first line or lines of the song)

1. “A single girl all alone in a great big town”
1. Single Girl – Sandy Posey – Belgian Chap

2. “You’re everything and nowhere baby that’s where you’re at”
2. Hi Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck - Brite

3. “I don’t know what it is that makes me love you so”
3. I Only Want to be With You – Dusty Springfield – Little Blue

4. “I thought love was only true in fairytales”
4. I’m A Believer – The Monkees - Kenny

5. “You take a bus marked Lakewood Drive”
5. Indian Lake – The Cowsills – Belgian Chap

6. “When it’s love you give”
6. All For Love – Bryan Adams/Sting/etc – Belgian Chap

7. “You’re my piece of mind”
7. Beautiful In My Eyes – Joshua Kadison – Belgian Chap

8. “Swaying room as the music starts”
8. Crazy For You – Madonna - Pigboat

9. “I’m sleeping and right in the middle of a good dream”
9. I Think I Love You – PPrune Radar - Partridge Family – Gone West

10. “In a little café just the other side of the border”
10. Come A Little Bit Closer – Cooda - Jay and the Americans - Pigboat

11. “Life goes on day after day”
11. Ferry Across The Mersey – Gerry and the Pacemakers – Pprune Radar

12. “Here I am this is me”
12. Here I am – Bryan Adams - Jolly

13. “One can have a dream baby”
13. It Takes Two – Marvin Gaye - Little Blue (1 point)
Anyone care to name the female vocalist who appeared with Marvin? - Kim Weston - Jolly

14. “Over bridge of sighs to rest my eyes”
14. Itchykoo Park – The Small Faces – jet Dragon

15. “Your local rock group down the street is trying hard to learn this song”
15. Pleasant Valley Sunday – The Monkees - Cooda

Album of the Week – Journey To The Centre of The Earth – Rick Wakeman

1. How many travellers set off on the journey? For a bonus point each, name them.
Three. Professor Lindenbrock, his Nephew Axel, and Hans the guide. – Brite (4)

2. Where did their journey start? For a bonus, where did it end (be specific on the bonus part)?
Start in Iceland –Brite
You will need to be a lot more specific for the second point -
Finish at Mount Etna - Jolly

3. What clue did they find to indicate the route of the original explorer? Where did they find this item? (Point each)
Open (sorry Brite)
A rusty dagger – on the beach near the Lindenbrock Sea. - Brite
(And I had forgotten about the Carved Initials reference -so 2 points to Jolly)

4. How tall was the Proteus? What was he hearding? (Point each)
Over 12 feet tall, Mastodons. – Brite (2)

5. What did they name the ‘harbour’ from which they set off on the raft?
Port Grauben,- Brite

For a bonus point each, where did they get this name?
named after Axel’s fiance.- Jolly

And what did they call the sea?
The Lindenbrock Sea. – Brite (2)

6. Early in the journey, they run out of water. How do they find fresh supplies, and for a bonus, what do they call this source?
The guide heard water behind a rock wall, and making a hole in the wall, allowed water to enter the cave and cool. They called the stream created the Hansbath. – Brite (2)

7. Who was the original explorer, whose route they were attempting to follow?
Arnie Saclosin - Brite (I'll give you a point Brite - a friend told me I have to make an allowance for your accent!!!!!)

8. How long did the storm last?
4 Days. – Brite

For a bonus point, after the storm, how far had they travelled on the raft?
When wrecked, they found they had been returned to a point only a few miles north of the departure point (Port Grauben). - Jolly

9. What two ‘monsters’ fought the battle?
An Icthiosaurus and a Pleciosaurus. - Brite

10. Following the water incident, one member of the group becomes separated. Who is it? How far from the group was he? How did they find the distance? (Point each)
Axel. 4 Miles. By use of their chronometers, timing the echoes of their voices. – Brite (3)


a. What royal group sang about the saviour of the Universe? Bonus for Title
a. Queen – Flash - Kenny

b. Who “Wiped Out” in 1963?
b. The Surfaris - Pigboat

c. Where might Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen have been in 1962 at midnight? (Song title)
c. Midnight in Moscow – Instrumental – 1962 – Little Blue (I knew what you meant Blue - every if you used the wrong letter in your post!!!)

d. What question did the Barbarians ask in a song in 1965?
d. “Are You A Boy Or A Girl” – Song title - Brite

e. What question did Barry and the Tamerlanes ask in 1963?
e. “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight” - Brite

f. Who were the three original members of the Australian group Air Supply? (point each)
f. Russell Hitchcock, Graham Russell, - Brite
Who was the third?

g. What is the full name of the AC DC guitarist famous for performing in a school uniform?
g. Angus McKinnon Young – Kenny

h. Name the members of the Silver Bullet Band who perform on Bob Seger’s Stranger In Town LP (point each).
h. Drew Abbott, Alto Reed, Chris Campbell, David Teegarden. – Pigboat
I have one more Piggy - (no, not Bob)
Any takers?

i. What group was John Stewart (Gold) once a member of?
i. The Kingston Trio - Brite

j. What do ABBA have in common with Buddy Holly?
j. They have both inspired stage musicals – Jet Dragon

Kenny Carter
27th Oct 2002, 23:23
morning scran

mondayitis this morning

a....Im a believer - The Monkee's

a...Queen - Flash
g...Angus Young

see ya

Belgian Chap
27th Oct 2002, 23:38
1 Single Girl - Sandy Posey
5 The Cowsills - Indian Lake
6 Bryan Adams - All for Love
7 Joshua Kadison - Beautiful in my eyes

Jet Dragon
27th Oct 2002, 23:41
Mornin' Scran


1) Single Girl - ??? can't remember her name arrgghh
4) I'm a Believer - The monkees
14) Itchycoo Park - Small Faces


a) "FLASH" (Gordon) - Queen



Little Blue
27th Oct 2002, 23:47
3 - I only wanna be with you. Dusty Springfield
13 - It takes two - Marvin Gaye and someone else !

B - Midnight in Moscow

28th Oct 2002, 00:13
10....Come a little bit closer - C&W?
15...Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees

Trivia c....Moscow

28th Oct 2002, 01:04
Evenin' scran. No walk tonight, raining out, but I'm late anyway.

8...Crazy For You/Madonna
10..Artist was Jay and the Americans.

b...The Surfaris
h...David Teegarden, Alto Reed, Chris Campbell and Drew Abbot.
(Also The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, I think)

Also, you didn't ask but I'll tell ya anyway 2183 miles per second.:D

28th Oct 2002, 01:40
I give in Piggy - what's that? The speed of dark?

:D :D :D :D :p

28th Oct 2002, 01:56
Don't penalize me for the second post. :D
It's the speed of the space ship on Night Flight To Venus. I memorized it from last week, and you didn't ask.:D :p

28th Oct 2002, 03:27
Morningggggg Scran! ;)


2. Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck
8. Crazy For You - Madonna

Album of the Week

1. 3 travellers Hans, Oliver Liedenbrock, Axel McCuen

2. Iceland ends ultimately in Hamburg, although they come out of the volcano on Stromboli.

3. In a runic parchment. Fell from a book bought in Hevelius' shop.

4. At least 12 feet high. Mastodons.

5. Port Grauben named after a Virlandaise girl called Grauben. Leidenbrock Sea

6. Water is found by chipping an aperture in a granite wall /Hansbach

7. Saknussemm

8 storm lasted 4 days/ distance travelled was 900 leagues

9. Ichthyosaurus / Plesiosaurus

10. Axel/ four miles apart / By means of their chronometers


a. Queen
b. Raven
c. Moscow
d. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
e. I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
f. Graham Russell / Russell Hitchcock / Chrissie Hammond
g. Angus Young
i. The Kingston Trio

Phew,.... hard work!! :rolleyes: :p

PPRuNe Radar
28th Oct 2002, 03:41

9. Kaci - I think I love you.
11. Gerry and the Pacemakers - Ferry Cross the Mersey.

Kenny Carter
28th Oct 2002, 04:40

the quiz must be going up in the world. we now have a moderator playing :D


28th Oct 2002, 05:30
Well I was going with

9 - David Cassidy aka Partridge Family

Jolly Hockeysticks
28th Oct 2002, 06:08
Been busy all morning... when I get here it's nearly all done.

12. Here I Am - Bryan Adams


28th Oct 2002, 21:54
Original post updated.

Progress scores are:

Brite - 24 :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Belgian Chap - 8
Pigboat - 8
Kenny - 4
Cooda - 4
PPrune Radar - 3
Jet Dragon - 2
Jolly - 2
Gone West - 1

With respect to the ALBUM of the week - Brite, did you use the book? (Might cost you some points!!!) WHile you have provided some answers, they are not those that appear on the ALBUM!!!!

The answers to 3, 5b and 8b on the album are quite specific (2b also!)

Still available are:

Lyrics 13 - female partner to Marvin on the song


2b - be specific (so says the question!!)
5b - specific reference again
8b - again, a specific reference


f - third member of the Original Air Supply
g - FULL name
h - 1 other (not Bob)

Well, who can come second?
:p :p :p

Kenny Carter
28th Oct 2002, 22:00
G'day scran

trivia g

angus mckinnon young

see ya

28th Oct 2002, 22:39
Accent? Eeeeee, I dunno wot ya mean like,.... I 'aven't gorra accent! :p

As for 'the book',.... what book? I don't know what you're talking about young man,.... now stop askin' questions!!! ;) :rolleyes:

Jet Dragon
28th Oct 2002, 22:44

J. Both Abba & Buddy Holly have stage musicals featuring their music ?

Abba - Mamma Mia

Buddy Holly - Buddy

Jolly Hockeysticks
28th Oct 2002, 23:12
Alternatively for j.
Benny Andersson was a member of Hep Stars who recorded the song “Tribute To Buddy Holly” in 1965

Trivia f.
I thought there were only the two (Hitchcock and Russell), but when they first formed they had four supporting musicians
keyboard Frank Esler-Smith
guitar David Moyse
bass David Green
drums Ralph Cooper

Lyrics 13. Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston


2. they ended at Mount Etna
3. the carved initials of the explorer on a slab of granite
5. named after Axel's fiancee
8. just a few miles


28th Oct 2002, 23:40
2. The frightening Mount Etna was the journey's end
3. the found a rusty dagger and the explorers initials carved on a granite slab / dagger found on the beach
5 Grauben was his fiancee
8. A few miles North of Port Grauben

Little Blue
28th Oct 2002, 23:42
Who's nicked my measly 3 points?
I know I'm only little but pls give em back !! :( :(

29th Oct 2002, 03:21
Scran, re trivia h.
Did Waddy Wachtel play guitar on that album?

Trivia tidbit (courtesy of the CBC)

The first time the song "Hound Dog" found its way unto the charts in North America was as a R&B hit for Big Mama Thornton, in 1953. In 1956, Elvis happened to be in Las Vegas and heard the song being performed with a R&R beat, as a parody of the Thornton version, by a group called Freddy Bell and the Bellboys. Elvis liked the arrangement, decided he wanted to record the song, and the rest as they say is history.:)

29th Oct 2002, 03:23
Ok..original post updated.

Revised scores:

Brite - 26

Belgian Chap - 8
Pigboat - 8
Jolly - 8
Kenny - 5
Cooda - 4
PPrune Radar - 3
Jet Dragon - 3
Gone West - 1


I had forgotten about the carved initials reference, so a couple of extra points Jolly.

Re Air Supply - Well, on the early albums, there are three guys - (the band are in the background!)

He didn't stay that long, but was on the first (and second two I think) album covers. Was also a cast member of Jesus Christ Superstar from memory.

Aahh Brite...how the hell is Chrissie Hammond??

So..just the third Air Supply Member and the other Silver Bullet Band member to go.........

:cool: :D

Jolly Hockeysticks
29th Oct 2002, 12:03
The other Silver Bullet Band member was Robin Robbins.

1st Nov 2002, 00:10
Quite correct Jolly, take another point. So:

Final Scores:

Brite - 26
Jolly - 9
Belgian Chap - 8
Pigboat - 8
Kenny - 5
Cooda - 4
Little Blue - 3
PPrune Radar - 3
Jet Dragon - 3
Gone West - 1

She has won again!!!:rolleyes:

Now the girl has already stated that her intention is a hat-trick, but looking at past performances:

Quiz winners -

38 - Dkosky
39 - Jolly
40 - Brite
41 - Brite
42 - Jolly
43 - Brite
44 - Brite

it would appear that Jolly is due to win Quiz 45 (and I've e-mailed the questions to you Jolly so you will have a bit longer for research :eek: :eek: )

See you all on Monday with Quiz 45........

Any Elvis fans out there?

;) :p :p