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27th Oct 2002, 20:52
Whats your Favourite Aircraft type and why ?

Mine is 757-200 :) Thanks to a jump seat ride from BA :)

27th Oct 2002, 21:12
Avro Vulcan

Do you really need to ask why?

27th Oct 2002, 22:33
The Majestic Twin Otter. Queen Of The Skies. It's a thing of beauty, although that beauty may take a while to dawn on you. It was the aeroplane that got me into this fantastic mess, and will always have a very special place in my heart. It was my first love affair in aviation, and as with the first love affair of any sort, will remain special for ever.:)

28th Oct 2002, 00:34
The new Airbus A340 - 500.

It just looks perfect.

28th Oct 2002, 01:21
I also must go with either the gracefully shaped and sleek B-757-200 or the B-777, a modern marvel of grace, beauty, and functionality!

was that too corny?



28th Oct 2002, 03:57
Although I did not get in the game early enough to fly it, I have to say that the Spitfire has no equal.
Of the types I have flown, I would hate to choose one over the other. They all have their reasons for affection. Even the Harvard !

28th Oct 2002, 04:37
Only one (jet) aircraft (IMHO) actually looks like it was 'born to fly'. B737-200.

28th Oct 2002, 09:08
757 or Tristar probably Tristar if I have to choose

28th Oct 2002, 09:56
The 757-200 is a beautiful sight, esp with the Union Jack on the tail!!

:D :D :D

Anthony Carn
28th Oct 2002, 10:07
Of those I've flown, including jets, one is miles above the rest ....

If you've not had the experience, I recommend it ! Aerobatics obligatory ! :D

Of those I haven't flown, but really want to -- Concorde ( gis a job, a cud do tha ! ). I'd delay retirement for that !

For sheer unsurpassed beauty -- Spitfire !

Shaggy Sheep Driver
28th Oct 2002, 10:39
Of the ones I've flown:

1) Yak 52
2) Chipmunk
3) Stampe

Of the ones I've not flown:

1) Spitfire
2) Concorde (jump-seated it at mach 2 and 60,000 feet!)
3) Vulcan


28th Oct 2002, 10:54
Gotta be the Stearman :)
It's just so ... wow :)

Select Zone Five
28th Oct 2002, 11:52
I always liked the DC-10. It's the first widebody jet I flew in and instantly recognisable.

The 777 for sheer passenger comfort and general impressiveness.

The 747 because when I was younger, I dreamed of flying in one; you always knew it was headed somewhere far away and exotic.

The F-14 Tomcat because it's big, sexy and dangerous looking!

The F-15 Eagle because it looks expensive and it looks confident...

...and, of course, Concorde because it's fast, loud and still beautiful after all these years.

Freak On A Leash
28th Oct 2002, 12:38
Military: SR-71
Civilian: B-747
GA: Super-cub

Hoping to fly 2 of these at some point:cool:

28th Oct 2002, 17:53
of the ones I've flown which isn't many I'd have to say it's the Tiger Moth

of the ones I haven't flown

Sopwith Camel

I got to see my first Spitfire in flight just a couple of years ago, it was like a dream come true, especially after building them with the airfix model kits :D

28th Oct 2002, 18:21
I've always admired the sleek lines, the durable construction, the beautiful colour schemes, the sheer agility of the Advance Epsilon three...

What's more, it's got winglets for reduced induced & diagonal ribs with internally stitched compression straps, thereby reducing the need for suspension lines giving it a superior 8.5:1 glide.

Am I really the only paraglider pilot on here?:D :D :D :D :D

28th Oct 2002, 22:47
There are only 2 types of aircraft Jonathang

The Spitfire..

....and the also rans...:D

LGW Vulture
28th Oct 2002, 23:16
Veteran....Connie...Nothing comes near!

Present Day....Dassault Falcon 900 - outside and in (phew!!!)


.......Life now is only Bizjets............

29th Oct 2002, 03:35
The pigboat, of course.www.airliners.net/open.file?id=140110 :D

Larfin' Boy
29th Oct 2002, 11:32

Sleek, streamlined (So Streamlined, a certain UK Operator of the said type decided to name the airline after it!), fast, comfortable, warm, dry and quiet in the cockpit, no autopilot. (For those of you reading who are not familiar with the Shed, I'm being highy sarcastic!!!!)

No, really, I am fond of the Shorts 330/360 mainly because it's the first aircraft I am flying commercially. Great aircraft to fly for a first job to gain great hands-on experience, flying raw data IFR in all sorts of crap weather with all sorts of sometimes unusual things in the back!!


29th Oct 2002, 11:39
De Havilland Beaver

Sums up the freedom of flying in a nutshell for me..... weaving amongst the mountains and dropping into a suitable lake..... miles from anyone else :D