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27th Oct 2002, 20:38
Inspired by Brokenspectres intolerance to wheat type products.

I had lobster - once. and was sick for a week, 200 miles from medical help. Since then I have avoided lobster, clams, mussels, prawns, shrimps, langustines etc. I can eat scallops, strangely enough.

Someone once asked "If you had to give up potatoes or bread, which would you choose?" I chose potatoes because I couldn't conceive of giving up breads in all their variations.

When advised of a nut intolerant pax travelling our airline makes a gate announcement to the other pax saying don't take any nut products onto the aircraft. This is repeated onboard, stressing that if you have them, don't open them. We serve pretzels and rice crispy things instead with the drinks.

Food allergies, tough to deal with.

27th Oct 2002, 20:58
I have so many food allergies it is quite ridiculous, infact it is easier to list what I can eat :
Red Meat

There you go that is it, however I have the most sensible consultant in history who told me to eat most things in moderation. In doing so I would not develop a dangerous allergic reaction to them.
The only things I cannot eat are :
Capsicum Peppers
Chinese food
Indian Food.

A pain at times but thankfully in my case not life-threatening.

27th Oct 2002, 21:12
rollingthunder it is helpful to distinguish between food allergies and food intolerances. If someone has a food allergy then they can suffer an instant, life-threatening anaphylactic shock reaction (folks with nut and shellfish allergies spring to mind here)... and without immediate treatment (I think it is anti-histamine) these folks can die... instantly ... horribly ...

In our society we tend to pooh-pooh the concept of "allergy" but for folks with food allergies, their lives really are in danger.

Someone like myself, however, with a food "intolerance" is someone born without a particular piece of dna so the ole genetic makeup is incapable of processing the relevant food (in my case, gluten, found in wheat/oats/rye/barley). There is no instant life-threatening reaction. The guts do react rather unpleasantly (if you have to share a bathroom) but otherwise life goes on. The key outcome if one persists in being naughty and indulging in the gluten-full foods one dreams of is that the gluten sticks to the gut, poisons the gut and ultimately generates cancerous cells.

My late mother, who died last year, had always been full of life and had way more energy than I but it is clear now (as it was during the last appalling year of her life) that she carried the "I should be gluten free" gene, as she died of a typical celiac gross sarcoma, in excruciating pain. Being my wonderful mom who did a bunch of amazing things in WW2, she never did admit to feeling "below par" ......

so ... if I get a little high-horsey about the differences it is because I wish my mom were still here OK!

However .... remember that it is folks with diagnosed food ALLERGIES that are most likely to react instantly and run the worst instant risk ... and it is for this reason I no longer grumble when I can't eat the cheesy-biscuit snax on-board (I bring my own cashew nuts!!)!!!

Hope this helps ::getting off soapbox::


27th Oct 2002, 21:23
Gooseberries - nasty itchy red lumps and wheeziness

Oddly enough, I'm OK with kiwi fruit.

27th Oct 2002, 21:26
I stand corrected on the important points.

27th Oct 2002, 21:45
S'not anti-histamine, s'adrenaline ;)
People with severe allergies like this keep a shot of it on 'em. Whack it in their thigh if they start lookin' dodgy :D

27th Oct 2002, 21:52
thanks - as I wrote anti-histamine I thought "ewwwww no that is bee sting stuff" but I didn't know what it should be.

Adrenaline ... duly noted!



please don't stand corrected!!! I wasn't intending to "correct" - really sorry if that was the impression I created!!!

I am just pleased you aired the issue!!


27th Oct 2002, 22:00
The only allergies I have are dublin bay prawns and kiwi fruit.
For some reason when eating those, the inside of my throat swells up and feels really itchy and painfull. It's a shame as I actually like the taste of both of those :(

27th Oct 2002, 22:07
It's OK, I like it. Was on a leadership course for two days last week. For some reason I don't like being deferred to because of seniority. Probably not connected at all.

27th Oct 2002, 22:56
I can't eat onions - not really an allergy but if I eat them I ll have several days of disabling runs (can't spell the d word!) and vomitting. Along with the pleasures of stomach cramps and severe headaches.

Never been able to find out why I react like this. Raw and fried are the worst offenders!

28th Oct 2002, 01:04
Parmesan cheese. I eat a caesar salad with parmesan and I'll have a migrane before I finish it :(

Other than that, erm, well there's penicillin (and since there aren't many non-penicillin antibiotics, this new superbug fun is a bit worrying :( )

Oh, and atomic kitten cause hair loss as I tear it out :D

28th Oct 2002, 01:29
Tomatos, either fresh or canned, makes me sick as a dog. No problem with the things in sauces though.
Have a friend who's allergic to shellfish. We were at one of those Japanese restaurants, whaddyacallem - sackanookie houses or something - where they prepare the food on the hot table in front of you. Two of the group had the seafood, he had steak. By the end of the meal, he had problems breathing. By the time we got out to the car park he was really bad, literally gasping for breath. There was a hospital about five minutes away, and we took him to the emergency room. The doc took one look, recognized an allergic reaction to something and gave him a shot. The effect was amazing. Took about five minutes and he was breathing normally. The doc said he'd have suffocated in about ten more minutes. This is not something you really want to fool around with.

28th Oct 2002, 01:51
Im allergic to strawberrys.

28th Oct 2002, 07:32
Thre are different reactions within allergies, I thankfully do not have the severe reaction that requires adrenalin, however I was advised by my consultant that if I eliminated the food products that I am allergic to , I had a very high chance of them becoming life threatening.
So I take the medical advise I have received and live with it.
Food intolerances are quite different as you quite rightly stated but thankfully to be allergic to a food group doesn't necessarily mean that you are unable to eat it.I put up with some unpleasant side effects at times but otherwise Iwould have to Live on Steak and Chips followed by Wheetabix everyday, ah hang on no I am allergic to dairy products too and sugars so it would have to be dry wheetabix Yuk

Select Zone Five
28th Oct 2002, 08:18
I get chest wheeze, itchy ears, itchy throat and slightly swollen lips if I eat mellon...I love mellon :(

Sometimes it happens with overripe bananas and some types of apple. I'm also allergic to cats and dogs and once had a nasty episode at a rodeo in Texas :rolleyes: I went to a specialist to see if anything could be done and he lifted me for 215 and gave me a one page leaflet about bed bugs and told me to vacuum my mattress?? This didn't improve my opinion of doctors! :mad:

28th Oct 2002, 13:13
I have an unusual allergy: whenever I have a doner kebab on top of ale I end up with the shits!

28th Oct 2002, 14:07
Peas No idea why, and it's only peas; can eat sweetcorn, beans, chickpeas, everything but yer humble green pea. Even one or two of them in a bowl of soup is enough to start an extremely violent and embarrassing reaction........(nuff said.......) and it's only become apparent in the last ten years - before that, could eat 'em with impunity (and any other family members :) )

Any nutritionists out there able to explain that one ?????

Charlie Foxtrot India
28th Oct 2002, 15:24
I wouldn't last long on "survivor" cos anything to do with fish (shell and swimming types) makes me v. ill, including "VERY bad headaches" (we don't use the M word in case our aviation doctors are reading!)
Besides, the appearance and smell of blobs of slime in shells is repulsive, how can anyone eat that stuff??!

LGW Vulture
28th Oct 2002, 16:49
Apologies for length of reply but......

I have severe allergy to Bazil Nuts....not any others just that b****r!

Mrs Vulture intolerance to wheat / gluten....and minor Vulture (eldest) severe allergy to any dairy products (bar eggs) and nuts of all kinds......minor Vulture (youngest) severe allergy to all nuts esp. peanuts and sesame!!!!

Travelled with Air2bob two months ago....Superb...with announcements and such like. Repsonse from crew being, "glad you can use the epipen rather than us having to, if need arises"!

Thanx folks, its nice not to be treated like freaks.

28th Oct 2002, 22:10
Cheese and Marmite used to take the skin off the roof of my mouth when I was a kid. I carried on eating then anyway, and after a couple of years I kept the skin on the roof of my mouth.