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27th Oct 2002, 03:57
Hi All,

My girlfriend has decided she wants to get some "augmentation" done . I'm interested in getting any comments/wisdom/experiences from those who may have had the process done. She plans on getting it done in South Africa and any/all info would be appreciated.

Anthony Carn
27th Oct 2002, 07:40
Completely impossible to comment without a photograph of the items in question. :D

27th Oct 2002, 11:32
I have serious respect for someone willing to go under the knife for their looks.


Notso Fantastic
27th Oct 2002, 13:06
Mrs. Notso invested in silicone falsies that fit under a bra. They look like glass dishes with a little bobble in the middle. Bless her, but it's obvious when she is wearing them, she keeps thrusting out her chest very proudly- quite deadly sweeping all asunder as she turns around. They look good, she gets very appreciative glances, but keeps insisting all in the room prod them- they feel absolutely pukka). I feel like announcing to everybody 'don't bother getting excited, they are false!' but not surprisingly I don't think she would appreciate it. But the nice thing about them- no cutting or butchery. Unless she is going to look like a real porn star special, falsies when needed are enough!
(What is it about wimmin- they are either too small and require enlarging, or too big and require reduction. Are there ANY that are happy?)

Mac the Knife
27th Oct 2002, 17:53
Dune - check out the website of the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa (APRSSA) at http://www.plasticsurgeons.co.za/ of which I am a member. Be sure that your surgeon is a member in good standing and you should be safe enough.

Be aware that fees vary a lot, with the high-profile "fashionable" chaps charging many times more than quieter members for essentially the same operation.

Correctly performed by a competent plastic surgeon breast augmentation is a very safe procedure, but (as with all surgery) complications, particularly long-term capsule formation around the implants can occur.
Make sure that your surgeon takes the personal time to discuss all the pros and cons with your GF and explains about the alternative placement sites (over or under the muscle), prosthesis types and sizes and doesn't rush you in any way.

Boss Raptor
27th Oct 2002, 19:09
not a fan...they look false...nipple man myself :D

27th Oct 2002, 19:36

It's impossible for them to be too big, IMHO.

:D :D :D

27th Oct 2002, 20:11
Smaller is lovelier.

There goes another pair... :(

27th Oct 2002, 21:21
'friend of mine had them done years ago, as part of a load of cosmetic work following a serious accident, it seemed to be a major boost to her confidence, which she needed, She got a fair bit of slagging,from people who did not understand the circumstances, but took it,...........part of the game I suppose.
'Sad thing was most of the slagging was from women. I don't understand!!!!!!

27th Oct 2002, 21:37

This link is appropriate,

Wonder who gets the job massaging :)

27th Oct 2002, 23:15
My mate, a doctor in his 2nd year of surgery training, was working on the outlandishly sized chebs of a young lady in a London hospital. The job was actually breast reduction as her set were proving something of an encumberance.
The job was nearing completion and the time came to graft the second nipple back on. Reaching over to the sterile tray on which the parts had been sitting, the professor and he were horrified to find that the nipple was missing. Furthermore, it was no where to be seen.
Fearing the imminent onset of an assymetrical bosom law suit, the pregnant silence was broken by the professor issuing a tyrade of insults while pointing at the underside of my mate's forearm where the upturned nipple appeared to have attached itself like a limpit!
The story has a happy ending as the errant nipple was successfully refitted to its owner and my mate can truthfully say to the lads in the pub that somewhere out there is a babe in her early twenties whose nipple he has proudly worn as an elbow rest! I like it!:p

Far canal
28th Oct 2002, 01:42
I have known one or two lasses have breast augmentation one had it done in SA. She had a few problems but on a return visit or two it was sorted out.

There are number of ways the implant can be put in. Make sure it is done through the arm pit where the scar will quickly heal and be invisible. The surgeon should also discuss what types of im[plant are available and the best ones for the size increase you are after.

I believe it can be pretty painful for the first few days and therefore a night inj hospital is the best way. If you are offered to get it done in the Surgeons room without hospitaisation as so do I think your GF would be in for a bit of a shock once it was done.

Bally Heck
28th Oct 2002, 05:15
They come in six sizes apparently. Small. Medium, Large, Very Large, F****** Enormous and.........Just Right.