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tony draper
26th Oct 2002, 22:18
Should this be reintroduced,? strikes Drapes as a very civilised way of settling disputes.
We would prolly be a much more polite society.
Drapes of course will be a professional second, one is good at loading pistols and such.
Getting up at 5am would be a pain in the arse though.

26th Oct 2002, 22:19
Yeh drapes , its something to be tried at the next Gatbash :) after 1 am :)

26th Oct 2002, 22:23
Draper, you are a cad and a bounder.

What are you going to do about it?

tony draper
26th Oct 2002, 22:23
Callow yoof, one Duels at dawn not 1 am, where was yer brung up. ;)

26th Oct 2002, 22:26
tony however,

as we all know Dubs will be the only one standing at dawn after a bash .

Needs to be before the hangover stage.

tony draper
26th Oct 2002, 22:26
Ones seconds shall call at Rapter towers on the morrow.
One suggests you settle your affairs with all haste. :(

26th Oct 2002, 22:37
Right then, champagne bottles at twenty paces it it! :D
Sounds like an interesting way to amuse the crowd at GatBash :D

tony draper
26th Oct 2002, 22:47
Huh!, only gentlemen duel sir, so that lets out most of the chaps at proon bashes. ;)
And all pilots of course.

ooooeeerrrr :eek::rolleyes:

Anthony Carn
27th Oct 2002, 06:47
I'm a dual-rated pilot !

Do I qualify ?

27th Oct 2002, 06:56
A paintball duel could be quite amusing.....

27th Oct 2002, 07:22
now that is quite a neat idea .... all for one or one for all?


27th Oct 2002, 11:18
Me wonders why Drapes brings this up.... :D

27th Oct 2002, 11:20
Since duels are traditionally held in the contest over a maiden, I put Brocken and myself forward for that position. Does this mean we have to wear heaving bossom inducing corsets to the Gatbash?

Tricky Woo
27th Oct 2002, 11:51
Many a cowardly knave has fallen motionless at the feet of a vengeful and mercilless Tricky Woo.

You can insult his family, and flirt openly with his women, but never, ever, try to speak to him before 10:00am in the morning, or failing that, until after his first coffee.


tony draper
27th Oct 2002, 12:01
I wouldn't be concerned overmuch with Mr Woo, them Switzerweigians can only shoot uphill or downhill, gerrim on the flat an he's buggad. ;)

27th Oct 2002, 17:37
" Choose your weapons - swords, or pistols ? "

" I choose swords "

" Good! I choose pistols ! "

27th Oct 2002, 19:46
"Behind the cathedral at six!"

I recall that being said somewhere in film or literature by some silly European or another.

Here in Oz you generally have to travel a long way to any of our few cathedrals (and those few tend to need repairs to the steeple or spire or chimney or whatever that thing with altitude is called).

Not only that but also we have such a variety of time zones even among states sharing the same longitude that it's hard to remember which watch to trust of the three one is wearing.

Consequently, half of our dualists arrive late and after the other half have given up all interest and gone home to light the barbecue buying the ice on the way.

Oz civilizes the world yet again.:D

27th Oct 2002, 19:51
Rent "The Duelists" sometime. Harvey Keitel and Keith Carrodine. Powerful film.

27th Oct 2002, 20:33
I'm confused... where exactly do banjos come into the whole procedure? :confused:

28th Oct 2002, 00:08
Well, it's a pprune bash, so we need an appropriate soundtrack, and, well, it's hard to take a banjo seriously so it's perfect :D