View Full Version : BA flights operated by SNBA (ex Sabena)

26th Oct 2002, 17:32
SNBA is starting flights BRU-LHR on behalf of BA.
What do BA pilots think about it ?

Hand Solo
26th Oct 2002, 22:14
Its only a short term arrangement so BA can keep access to the additional slots to BRU they got from SN. Next year the services will revert to being operated by BA aircraft, leading to increased flying for BA pilots.

Belgian Beauty
27th Oct 2002, 08:49
maybe it's the first step in BA taking over SNBA, wouldn't that be nice, those poor SNBA pilots could all have a go at flying the big planes, aaah wishfull thinking !!!

28th Oct 2002, 17:12
BA's latest mistake!!!! dont get involved with the vindictive belgians. flew BA today after visiting friend in BRU. had a SNBA ticket (wanted confirmed and they were cheapest) turned up at the SNBA desk to be yelled at, abused etc and told that BA only could check me in as their aircraft. explained i had a SNBA ticket, but no, still abused and told to listen to my fuhrer, and go immediately to BA!! and that is what is called 'co operation on flights'?? BA will lose pax to BMI if this carries on

31st Oct 2002, 09:03
Whilst I wouldn't condone anyone being abused by anyone else, I'm guessing that you were travelling on a BA / SN codeshare flight operated by BA.

It is absolutely normal with codeshare flights on all airlines that you have to check-in with the carrier actually operating the flight, unless they are both part of the same alliance, which BA and SN are not.

I am not aware of SN actually operating flights for BA, but the two are codesharing on each others BRU services. Still from my experiences of the former SN, I have to wonder at the wisdom of BA getting involved with the new SN.

I hope once you got to BA things got a bit better!


31st Oct 2002, 10:15
alot better once on BA, i actually fly for them!! i went to the SNBA desk as i bought there ticket!! it was cheaper than id 90 with my own airline!
all i am saying is, the limited times i have dealt with SNBA (sabena) belgiums etc have been an absolute disaster, rude, uncooperative, tunnel vision, you name it, BA mistake!!!!

Max Angle
31st Oct 2002, 10:18
BA will lose pax to BMI if this carries on
Excellent news, thanks.

2nd Nov 2002, 11:43
I for one cannot agree with the comments about the Belgian
crews. Having worked in Belgium for 8 Years they have been
very pleasent and helpfull to me and I have made some good friends they of course are very concerned about the general situation and the crew who have been laid off by Sabena and we have taken many of them into EAT and as any other Company some are excellent and friendly and some are less than this. lets give them a chance even if some of you had a bad time with the
old Sabena operation.

Boss Raptor
3rd Nov 2002, 11:27
Deja Vu?

Sounds like that Sabena customer service we all got to know and love 'not' at the old company...

4th Nov 2002, 19:59

you are making a big fuzz out of nothing!!
Be proud Belgian's want to fly for British Airways!!



5th Nov 2002, 21:24
Hi all,

and for people not convinced of the good inflight quality SN Brussels Airlines flight attendants have a look at the SN Brussels Airlines Airlinequality (http://www.airlinequality.com/Forum/snbrussels.htm)

By the way: British Airways will extend it's codeshare-agreement with SN Brussels Airlines on their flights to and from Birmingham (BHX) as from 13/11/2002, from that day we (BA and SNBA) will fly 6 times per day between Brussels and Birmingham!



5th Nov 2002, 22:01
Sorry "Skytrax" opinion should go straight into the garbage, they are hardly "independent" auditors of airline quality, being as they are, in certain airlines' pockets....

Try the OAG awards for something more genuine.