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tony draper
26th Oct 2002, 11:14

26th Oct 2002, 15:53
Well? Bin liners will what? We should be told.

26th Oct 2002, 17:32
I don't know anything about wills of muslims let alone Bin Liner but .. seems a little weird to use it to pronounce against the weak will of his followers and the staunchness of the "infidel"!!

Good link Mr Drapes sir but I am wondering if it is not all a fiction of "Christians In Action" to discourage les autres!!


29th Oct 2002, 10:49
Poor chap, fancy putting all that effort and money and look how those weakwilled ungrateful s*ds let him down, makes you feel quite sorry for the fella, him being poorly and all that.

May he reflect on that and what he has done for the next eternity or two preferably somewhere toasty and warm, and him in a good position on the griddle being turned occasionaly with a sharp pronged fork