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26th Oct 2002, 01:03

Any takers?


26th Oct 2002, 05:34
1) Its a hoax but it is working .... otherwise Ferneris's post would not have happened

2) Its good PR .... I rest my case, see above

3) Its a crazy.... but he does write a good build-up - but so many do, I mean look at all of our politicians for a start.

any other ideas ???

At least it will keep the wires humming till then... ;) :cool:

26th Oct 2002, 10:04
My favorite bit...

"...I'd been told by a friend that if the cursor ever moved by itself and there was a 'whirring' from the hard-drive, they were the sure signs that indicated someone was hacking into my computer."

Perhaps someone should tell him that he can stop his hard-drive whirring by simply hitting it very hard with a hammer and then submerging it in a bowl of orange juice?

Kalium Chloride
26th Oct 2002, 10:24
Why is it that all the world's global conspiracy secrets always wind up in the hands of people who can't spell and have no idea how to design websites? :rolleyes:

26th Oct 2002, 10:42
I reckon it's Elvis. It will prove he shot JFK. Or Shergar.

27th Oct 2002, 06:30
8th March 200 ? way before my time :D

that was a Saturday, wasn't it? :D

27th Oct 2002, 13:45
Its the day before my birthday......

27th Oct 2002, 14:36
same here rob :)

i hope i'll live to see my birthday :D hehe

on a serious note, i think its some PR scam - probably some "great" product will be revealed on that date which millions of people will probably see.

9th Mar 2003, 14:44
It was yesterday, see the above link at top of page, what do you recon????


9th Mar 2003, 15:18
Nothing happened!!!! I'm so disappointed.


9th Mar 2003, 16:48
Its a new version of Windoze, and as with the last ones the date will be put back on a regular basis...

9th Mar 2003, 17:50
well it was the end of the world for Adam Faith that day *shrugs* oh well there goes another one

9th Mar 2003, 18:38
Maybe it's going to happen on 18th March

Been pizzin it down for days here in The Lake District....
Come to think of it, it's always pizzin it down here!:rolleyes: