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1st May 2001, 17:43
I have nearly done my first year at college (1 year left after this one)i am 17.
please can someone tell me if i can apply for the sponsored pilot training now at BA or any other airline?
Ifso will they want me to start training straight away or after i leave college (if they want me)?
much appreciated

Speedbird 2946
1st May 2001, 18:33
At 17 the only scheme you can go for is Airtours, the others are 18 to apply, except BM which is 20 (at time of course commencement)


SB :)

1st May 2001, 18:46
you say at the time of course commencement does that mean i can apply to the airlines which ask for 18 yrs+? because i will be 18 in a years time so can i apply for now for in a years time?

1st May 2001, 18:50
Anyone know the max age allowed?

im 17 now.. but after my degree ill be 22.


Speedbird 2946
1st May 2001, 18:58
Nah Dave, sorry for being unclear. To must be 18 to apply for BA, BE and Air2000. BM you need to be 20 on the day the actual ATPL course starts, but this is unique. I think that the KLMuk and BE/Cabair joint sponsorships require you to be 20/21 also.

Max age for most is 25-26.

SB :)

Perfect PFL
1st May 2001, 18:59
I think the lowest maximum age is BA, which I think is 26, so you'll be fine at 22.

Don't forget that you need your a-level results before you can apply for BA, which I take it you don't have yet if you're 17, and have a year left at college, if that is the case you'll have to wait another year.

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