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25th Oct 2002, 19:53
From Channel TV news


One of Jersey's most historic aircraft was badly damaged this afternoon.

The De Havilland Heron, painted in Jersey Airlines colours, became stuck in the mud as it prepared to taxi to the runway.

The plane had been chartered to take a team of journalists, including Channel Television's Richard Pallot, to Liverpool for the start of the Clipper Round the World Race.

As the pilot tried to free the Heron, it swung round and caused damage to the airport apron and its engines."


25th Oct 2002, 20:15
Sad news. Did the gear collapse, or what?

vintage ATCO
25th Oct 2002, 22:32
Sad news indeed. Please post any further info.

We had the acft at the Woburn Moth Rally http://stevelevien.warp9.org/woburn.htm

26th Oct 2002, 12:28
Sorry don't have anymore information yet.

vintage ATCO
26th Oct 2002, 19:38
I've received the following from the operator of the Heron:


Left mainwheel sank into soft ground while taxiing for take-off.

Both left propellers show evidence of contact with the ground.

1. Further damage may become apparent when mud is washed away and detailed examination begins.

2. All further flights are cancelled for this season.


Fortunately no injuries. Let's hope the aeroplane can be repaired soon.

(Posted with the Operator's permission)

27th Oct 2002, 06:24
I've bludged a few rides in a Devon,[yes, I know it was a Heron!] and on flat tarmac the props are close to the ground. It wouldn't take much of an uneven surface to ground them.