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Sky Goose
25th Oct 2002, 16:29
I saw this article on www.voetsek.co.uk, it pretty much sums it all up.
Double Standards

Having personally left South Africa for a number of reasons I will always be ‘African’ deep down inside. I’m certain many men and women who did their bit ‘for king and country; if that was dishing slop in the mess hall at VTH or ‘dancing with the devils’ in Ongiva, we will always have that invisible umbilical cord attached to Africa. In saying this, anyone who has done some travelling through Africa and embraced its awesome power and beauty will have a special kind of ‘love’ for Mama Afrika.

Africa, once the hub of colonisation by the first world, raped, pillaged and plundered and left to rot by the very people that drive our world as we see it today leads me to the following scenario:

Imagine that Tony Blair decides that all his woes are the fault of the UK Asian community. Using all the resources at his disposal (press, police, army, party followers, UK treasury resources, supportive European mainland countries) Mr. Blair declares that Asians should "Go back to Asia".

Using spurious judges and legislators, he renounces all Asian UK citizenship unless they can renounce any vague claim they might have to citizenship of a country in Asia in which their parents or even grandparents were born; without this, they lose UK citizenship.

Next he declares their businesses illegal and gives them 90 days to close down and leave.

After the 90 day period, and in spite of numerous court cases proving the Mr. Blair’s case illegal, he sends in the army, police and mobs of drunk, drugged, illiterate white Englishmen to force the Asians out of their homes. They are forced to close their businesses, to pay compensation to their workers (who are now all out of jobs), and to hand over the keys and title deeds of their homes and businesses either to mobs of axe-wielding, drunken, illiterate white youth or to senior white civil servants, policemen or army commanders, and even to Cherie Blair. If these Asians refuse to go, they are arrested and locked up in filthy overcrowded cells awaiting their "court cases". Can you imagine the uproar around the world?

Now substitute "Zimbabwe" for "the United Kingdom " and exchange "Asian" and "white", and you will understand exactly what is happening in Zimbabwe, right now.

Are you still outraged?

Marq Vas Esq.


But why does no one do anything about it, dare I say, is it because the persecuted people are white?
I have a feeling if it was the other way around there would be a much louder outcry.

25th Oct 2002, 18:01
Sadly, I think, my reaction to that is a wry smile. Quite apart from your sentiment falling on deaf ears, any whites in Africa realised very early on that double standards are the norm, they are also the norm in the UK.
It's a sort of double whammy that one adapts to, part of life really, innit.

25th Oct 2002, 22:33
Sorry mate,

USA would help you, but then we would just be criticized by other brits or worse the French for CIA excesses or imperial designs on Africa.

Someone just put a bullet in Mugabe's head and be done with it...


26th Oct 2002, 07:56
Mugabe looks just like Hitler with his ridiculous little moustache, and is acting more like Hitler every day, but sadly nothing will be done about him because most of what he is doing only has an immediate impact in his own country. As long as callow leaders like Mbeki and Obasanjo refuse to act against him within the Commonwealth, he will continue to get away with his evil deeds. It's doubly unfortunate that so much attention is being focussed on the Middle East right now as it means that whatever happens in Zimbabwe rarely makes the headlines, or if it does, it isn't in the limelight for long. Sadly, I think no other country will get involved and eventually one of his own countrymen will probably 'do for him' - seems to be the way with most dictators. Poor old Africa, is it still home to more dictators than any other continent?

26th Oct 2002, 10:49
Have a look at The Times website. Matthew Parris, who was brought up in Rhodesia has a fascinating article on the op-ed page, today 25/10.

Sky Goose
28th Oct 2002, 15:10
Hi Guys, thanks for the opinions,
Unwell_Raptor cant seem to find the article, whould you be able to cut and paste or is this in breach of a copyright.
cheers for now