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25th Oct 2002, 16:18
Had a text message sent to my mobile which when opened effectively 'freezes' the phone. The only way to cure this is to remove the battery.

The message was sent by an ex...

I want to get even
So come on....
The more dastardly, the dirtier the better

I know i've come to the place


25th Oct 2002, 16:24
The more dastardly, the dirtier the better

I know i've come to the place

Would it not be better if you continue to receive these messages, to complain the the operator of the mobile network? Just a thought...

25th Oct 2002, 16:40
Yes, yes...but later

First i want revenge...and now!

25th Oct 2002, 17:12

First download some SMS software for the PC
Next compose your message
Then select number of messages you want to send to that phone number

Lastly press "send"

You'll need a free/payable sms account, and a proxy server..

Or , use the ICQ_SMS function, remembering of course to remove your ICQ ID number before you send, then spam away to your hearts content..

Best of all, just ring her service provider and let rip, then ring her and use fruity language :D

26th Oct 2002, 13:03
EX as in recently broken up and it wasn't pretty? Or an EX with a sense of humour just having a laugh? Not wishing to be the boring cliché dishing guy, but if it is the former, then not reacting at all would be what I'd do. Not stooping to the same level and ignoring it all is going to drive the EX crazy. Sometimes one has to play the part of "I really don't give a S*it"......

But, however, if this is the sort of prank any mate would play, then no holds barred! :)

26th Oct 2002, 13:18
Zepp...... I know exactly what you need for this. It won't hurt her but will inconvenience her whilst sorting it out and cost a lot of cash too. I darn't write it here for obvious reasons but i will let you know if you e-mail me. ;)
Trust me, this will do it........ :)

Notso Fantastic
27th Oct 2002, 14:18
I think you have probably been 'had'. I do not believe such text messages exist. However, YOU may be fishing for something you think exists in text messages! (If you find it, please come back and tell us!)

27th Oct 2002, 14:56
There are examples of malformed SMS that can lock a phone, normally using a malformed message header or Unicode characters in the message body, but neither of these can be generated from a normal handset. The lock up is a result of the receiving phone incorrectly interpreting the SMS and are normally fixed when discovered, so the "killer" SMS messages are restricted to individual models of phone using specific versions of the SMS software. There is no universal SMS-killer, and I don't think there can be one - although there are a number of hoax emails claiming that you just.... :)

So there you go... :)