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25th Oct 2002, 12:04
There are some wonderful tribute bands out there, of varying quality....but I always love their names. Post any you know of, and maybe some new ideas.

We all know about Bjorn Again, the Abba tribute group...I rather like Spandex Ballet for the 80s group responsible for so many chart atrocities.

25th Oct 2002, 12:26
Not strictly a tribute but what about The Ruttles :D

Select Zone Five
25th Oct 2002, 12:40
The Rolling Stoned :rolleyes: :D

25th Oct 2002, 12:48
Bjorn Again - ah yes :)
"Oh no, what have we done? We've soiled the magical pyjamas!" :D
That was a fun concert :)

gas path
25th Oct 2002, 13:00
The Hamsters.....brilliant!web site (www.thehamsters.co.uk)
the DYLAN project.... Steve Gibbons....another gud un! sounds more like Bob Dylan does... than Bob dylan does.... himself ......If you get my drift:D

25th Oct 2002, 13:46
The list goes on forever......

Who's Who
The Royal Family
A Kind of Magic
The Bootleg Beatles (possibally the best tribute band in the World)
Think Floyd
Substitute (Who Tribute)
By Jovi

Not strictly tribute bands but we've got a very good pub circuit of live bands and some of the names are pretty good: -

Raw Deal
The Ant Hill Mob
Dirty Shoes

25th Oct 2002, 16:08
there is a Japanese tribute band around called Kween (I think I got the spelling correct) :D

also there's Limehouse Lizzy (Thin Lizzy tribute)

26th Oct 2002, 11:00
The Counterfeit Stones.