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25th Oct 2002, 09:17
On a slightly different theme from my last, given the lack of talent of our new acts, who has totally 'John Leslied' a classic song.

For me it has to be that prat Rolf Harris who destroyed Stairway to Heaven.

Grim Reaper 14
25th Oct 2002, 09:24
All Saints - Under The Bridge. Go f*ck yourselves!!:mad:

25th Oct 2002, 09:25
Uptown Girl by Westlife

Didn't like the song the first time round either


Select Zone Five
25th Oct 2002, 09:38
Oops...don't you mean

totally '**** ******d' a classic song? :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2002, 09:41
absolutely SZF


Shame cos Billy Joel is excellent


25th Oct 2002, 09:51
Gareth Gates - "Suspiscious Minds". Winker (misprint). It's supposed to be sung by a man not a little boy!

Windy Militant
25th Oct 2002, 09:59
Don't ever listen to " The Money or the Gun" LP various versions of "Stairway to Heaven" including Rolf'S :D
As for [email protected] covers Both recent versions of "Lady Marmalade"
All Saints destroyed it and the version from "Moulin Rouge" :mad: It's suposed to be a sultry tale of forbidden lust not a bunch of cats being doctered!

Edited so I don't get sued or told off

25th Oct 2002, 11:49
"Eternal Flame" by Atomic Kitten.
Okay, so actually, EVERYTHING by atomic kitten appears to be a tone-deaf, saccarin-sweet cover of something else, and they should be introduced to a lorry moving at a high rate of speed at the earliest opportunity possible, but that one particular song was a favorite of mine (spot the 80s teenager).
Mind you, it wasn't as silly sounding as them trying to cover blondie ... I mean, really, it was like listening to the Bee Gees try to cover Barry White....
Why o why do all modern girl bands get picked more from their bra size then their musical ability or voice?
Where's the next Nina Simone when you need her?

Hagbard the Amateur
25th Oct 2002, 11:56
"The Tide Is High" by Atomic Kitten. Deborah Harry should sue.

Bunch of soulless mojoless muppets

Whatever happened to the British music industry anyway? :confused:

25th Oct 2002, 11:59

Absolutely right! Nina Simone; voice from heaven.


Flip Flop Flyer
25th Oct 2002, 12:14
Hagbard / Sparks,

Abso-fcuking-lutely agree. Atomic Kitchen should be hanged from the nearest lightpole for their continued attempts to destroy good music. In comparison the Spice Girls had tons of talent. Those dim-witted bimbo's got nothing going for them but marginally good looks and acceptable hooters.

And yet untold thousands of even bigger idiots buy their obscure music, even worse it's played over and over on the radio.

Should we start a "Ban Atomic Kitchen" fraternity ?

25th Oct 2002, 12:16
Almost true :) Nina's voice sounds like what heaven would look like from hell :)

Windy Militant
25th Oct 2002, 12:51
Blondie can't sue as their version was a cover version the original version was a rock steady classic by the Paragons!
(Pedant mode to off)

Hagbard the Amateur
25th Oct 2002, 12:58
Windy, I bow to greater knowledge - I didn't know that.

I still think D. Harry should go and put some dog poo through Atomic Kitten's manager's letterbox though :D

Bev Bevan
25th Oct 2002, 12:59
Erasure murdering those Abba songs 10 years or so ago.

SACRILEGE!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

25th Oct 2002, 13:23
The Oasis covers done by the Worzels, currently number 86 in the charts:rolleyes:

25th Oct 2002, 13:42
Thanks - I'd almost managed to forget that one :( :D

Elvis - that's an improvement on the original....

Actually, there have been a few covers that were better than the originals - the Corrs did an excellent version of Dreams (although, is it a cover if Mick Fleetwood is playing with them at the time?), Blondie's cover of The tide is high, and Sheryl Crow's take on Sweet child of mine. (But then I'm not much of a GnR fan :D )

spud's on the job
25th Oct 2002, 13:46
just recently a nameless girl-band covered 'All I want is You' by U2, the finest tune they have ever recorded, which was an album track from Rattle and Hum. It also carries special significance for me, as I lost my cherry with it playing in the background in December 1988 (oh look, another idea for a thread)

I heard the cover version earlier this year whilst in a clothes shop and nearly puked on the spot

Windy Militant
25th Oct 2002, 13:57
Not the Bev Bevan who used to play drums with the Electric Light Orchestra. I wondered what you boys had been doing since Jeff Lynne sacked you all and Joined the Traveling Wilburys!:D

25th Oct 2002, 13:58
As a fan of blues music, one does get used to covers, so many artistes have done each other's stuff it's difficult to know what is original...:rolleyes: However, I have a theory that if you hear a cover and like it, without ever having heard the original, when you do hear the first ever version, you don't rate it as highly as the cover - for example, 'Handbags & Gladrags' as done by the Stereophonics. Now I dimly knew of Rod Stewart's version, but a lot of people slated the Stereophonics' treatment of it, and pointed towards the original by Chris Farlowe.

Now I do rate Chris's material a lot, but IMHO the Stereophonics version was pretty good; and, last year about this time when they did it live for Children in Need, with just the piano and vocals, it was quite stunning. It was later on that the (Farlowe)original was played a couple of times on the radio, and it, for me, didn't come close - just sounded like any old 60's pop song.

Now, there is one ditty that I've never heard done bad; 'Hard to Handle'. Otis Redding does it with a soulful blues touch, Tom Jones gives it a good thrashing, and the Black Crowes brought it bang up to date as a hard rock number.....maybe it's impossible to spoil such a good song, but given the number of karaoke machines about, it's only a matter of time....:p

25th Oct 2002, 14:52
Light My Fire by that Will character. Absolutely wrecks the song.
GROW SOME BALLS mate! :mad:

25th Oct 2002, 15:35
It seems all songs recorded these days are girly groups singing covers of other songs and doing them badly, or techno remixes of great songs.

Recently while shopping all i heard were covers and that God awful remix of Never Tear Us Apart. Ruined a true classic.

Anyone else in Melbourne found the same problem with two certain radio stations (i wont name though)

25th Oct 2002, 17:30
oh so many to choose from....

Theme from "Shaft" - Sammy Davis Jr

Sunshine Superman - Mel Torme

Light My Fire - Mae West

Hey Jude - Bing Crosby

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Senator Sam J Ervin Jr
(I can't get no) Satifaction - Phyllis Diller

The Green, Green Grass of Home - Jack Palance

Mr Tambourine Man - William Shatner

Lucy In The Sky With Diamond - William Shatner

Lay Lady Lay - Melanie

well that's just to name a few :D

25th Oct 2002, 22:56
Absolutely anything my Will Young and Gareth Gates all they seem to be doing is turning out [email protected] cover versions that only 11 olds want to buy.

I feel better for that now :mad:

25th Oct 2002, 23:06
It's pretty much a no-brainer that any cover by a star trek actor/actress isn't going to be terribly good :D

26th Oct 2002, 12:45

"Absolutely anything my Will Young and Gareth Gates all they seem to be doing is turning out [email protected] cover versions that only 11 olds want to buy. "

I think thats kind of the point. Thats the market they're aimed at, it's a wee bit like bitching because teletubbies is a bit childish, or am i talking gobble-a-duke.

26th Oct 2002, 13:00
It always struck me that the version of "Light My Fire" done by Will Young was done in the same style as Jose Feliciano. So surely that was a cover of a cover :rolleyes:
With all the cover versions that Gareth Gates and Will Young are doing these days, they just seem to be just imitating Robson & Jerome.

oh I forgot to add another cover to my list.

Anyone Who Had A Heart - Tim Curry

This sort of comes under this category, has anyone heard Nigel Kennedy's version of Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze? or am I the only one who can admit to buying this CD? :D

I do hold some admiration for a band or an artist who will take a song and cover it in their own style, but so many bands that do cover versions these days just seem to take the original song and sing it as it was on the original and then add a drum machine in the background and then add a rap in the middle.

27th Oct 2002, 05:10
"I love rock'n'roll" in a pathetic high-pitched squeak by Britany Spears. Not so much bad as barely noticable...

Uncle Cracker
29th Oct 2002, 23:21
'Ang on a minute. Atomic kitten. Several pints of Old Scruttock's Gum Warbler and hit the mute button on the telly. Now enjoy the view.:)

30th Oct 2002, 00:21
Britney Spears doing "Satisfaction" must take the dog biscuit somewhere along the line - they even removed the reference to "He can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke" to avoid the anti-smoking backlash - and thereby showed that they didn't understand what the song was about....

I concur with all the right honourable comments regarding the Nuclear Pussies, or whatever... but there is hope, Reynolds Jr has moved her 11 yr old musical focus towards the Datsuns, U2 and Motor Ace...

30th Oct 2002, 00:27
'White Lines' ruined by Duran Duran.

'American Pie' ruined by Madonna.

'Wish You Were Here' ruined by Wyclef Jean

Anything by Jive Bunny

30th Oct 2002, 02:56
Only heard it once...never want to hear it again!
Some kiwi duo doing a flat rendition of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper on acoustic guitar.
Seemed to drone on for hours :rolleyes: :mad:

Don D Cake
30th Oct 2002, 11:26
Anything by that Bertie Spears is sh!te but the cover I hate the most is Tina Turnip's "Let's stay together". She absolutely murdered Al Green's classic....

30th Oct 2002, 17:21
Madonnas attempt at singing Don McLeans classic, American Pie!!!

Stick to what your good at Madge, gyrating your breasts and nether regions and legs in a provocative manner in skimpy outfits.

31st Oct 2002, 10:02
As I started the thread I feel I should add weight to everyone who has berated Madonna's version of American Pie.

It was an absolute shambles, why oh why did she choose to desicrate that wonderful anthem??