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25th Oct 2002, 07:38
in the UK to get proper insurance for an apartment. Every year I seem to spend an inordinate time on the telephone, queuing and obtaining quotes from a variety of companies...the vast majority of which really don't seem to understand the intricacies of apartment insurance.

The freeholders insurance (buildings) covers the fabric of the building itself but does NOT cover water tanks, pipes, electrical wiring and "problems ensuing therefrom". Contents insurance covers contents (and yes, every year I have to argue that 20,000 is not enough to cover puter/geeky stuff as well as more traditional things!) but does NOT cover water tanks, pipes, electrical wiring and "problems ensuing therefrom".

So...every year, I buy a regular contents policy (usually including cover for stuff I don't have like "fuel, garden shed, outbuildings") and pray that if anything goes wrong with the plumbing etc that I have cash at bank to cover it.

Where am I going wrong and.... can someone hint at how to get proper cover!! Oh and don't suggest buying a house - if I had the to do so I would like a shot!

Thanks!! I know this is boring but.... 'tis crucial too yanno!


25th Oct 2002, 12:34
You may want to consider finding yourself a good insurance broker and avoid dealing direct with insurance companies and their telephone answering machines.

Although a broker works for you he gets his pay from the underwriter, it won't cost you anymore than dealing direct with the insurance company.

You should be able to sit opposite a broker and explain exactly what you want, he/she then has the job of exploring the market to find you the best deal. Brokers also have the ability to approach Lloyds underwriters who will write specific risks.

You should not have to worry about finding the cover you require, let brokers do it, it's their job and it won't increase the cost of your policy, (unless they are [email protected]/crooked brokers!:)).

25th Oct 2002, 13:46
I have the usual cover, changed it last year with Tesco Had a good look around and they turned out the best. Probably changed now but they will do. As for pipes and stuff like that, I use British Gas. They cover everything, broken boilers, water tanks, pipes, wiring and its called 'Celcia or something like that. Covers everything for 17 a month. If you want more details, give us a ring or e-mail me. :)

25th Oct 2002, 13:58
for replies folks. This year I went through Hill House Hammond - a "high street broker" and was very impressed with the time taken to go through my needs etc etc BUT all policies fall into buildings and/or contents and are not designed for the apartment-dweller!

ALL contents policies don't cover plumbing etc and ALL freeholder apartment block building policies are designed for rebuilding the block in case of disaster etc.... there is nothing in between!

The contents policies I get cover damage caused by problems with wiring/plumbing etc but not the cost of replacing the offending piece of kit. This really is a window-of-opportunity for the insurance companies (although the agent I spoke with said that unless the companies could independently verify the quality of the wiring/plumbing they would be unable to "make a price" which does kind of make sense!!).

BRL thanks for the info re British Gas ... 204 on top of regular policy? hmmmmmmm I will have to think about it!